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About Pine Mountain Club

Pine Mountain Club is a private community nestled in the Los Padres National Forest, in the shadow of Mt. Pinos to the south and Mt. Abel to the west, and just 65 miles from Los Angeles.
Comprised with 3,270 acres, the community consists of 2,947 lots, and 2,270 acres in greenbelt woodlands, elevations ranging from 5,000ft to 6,800ft. While the community was originally established in 1971 by the Tenneco Corporation as a recreational retreat, more and more people are making PMC a full-time, permanent home.
Just an hour's drive from LA or Santa Barbara, PMC offers a unique living environment, combining the charms of the small town with easy access to the sophistication of the city.
The sub-alpine forest, starry nights, warm summers and cool winters, and a range of outdoor activities make Pine Mountain Club a wonderful place to live or just visit.


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