Welcome to the Future

by Blue Sky Entertainment

Okay, name a graphically rich, non-violent adventure game. Well, there's Myst... then there's...Myst. And don't forget Myst. Well, now you can add another to the list. Blue Sky Entertainment's "Welcome to the Future". This game has followed in the footsteps of Myst to bring a very beautiful world of landscapes, music and exploration to your PC. Welcome to the Future features a rich, graphical world that is quite an amazing thing to see. It's the first Windows-based adventure I can think of that can adjust itself to the video settings of your PC. That is, if you have Windows set to 256 colours, that is how it will play. However, if you are running 24-bit, 16.7 million colours, the game will actually take advantage of that to bring you an unparalleled world of beauty. In addition to this, the original music soundtrack adds considerably to the experience. If you have your PC hooked up to your surround-sound stereo system, you're in for a treat. The new-age style music is really quite good and adds quite a bit to the game. The game will also take advantage of surround-sound systems to bring you a sound experience never before heard in a PC game. But enough of the graphics and sound, how about gameplay? The game is basically one of exploration and discovery. It's totally non-violent, you basically wander through the landscape and collect objects and use them key-like to operate machinery and open doors. There is little more to the puzzles than this. Once you collect all the objects and use them in their intended way, you are treated to a fantastic voyage of imagination that closes the game. Experienced gamers might find this game a bit too simple (and mapping the terrain can be a bit frustrating), but if you are not looking for anything too difficult, and want to be wowed by wonderful graphics and sound, this game is for you.

Graphics 98%
Sounds 98%
Gameplay 70%
Interface 90%
Overall Impression 80%

Bottom Line: Experienced gamers might find this game too easy. Beginners may find the exploration and puzzles a refreshing change from some of the more difficult adventure games. Mapping is necessary and a bit bothersome. Plenty of eye and ear candy to keep you playing.

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