Sunday, October 14, 2007
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12/2/2006 2:22 PM
Tevez Unwelcome Back At Corinthians With West Ham hardly being the paradise that somehow he was convinced that it would be, Carlitos Tevez has been linked with a return to his former Brazilian club in order to avoid any further devaluation in the Apache’s once-buoyant market value.

After storming away from West Ham in a rage after Sheringham replaced him in a Hammers match, Tevez refused to go along with a good-natured punishment that would have seen him wearing the Brazilian Canarinho (little canary) top and his po-faced attitude hasn’t gone down well with the English club’s management nor team-mates.

Tevez has refused to don the Brazil shirt, falling back on nationalistic motives.  “I played in Brazil and have a great respect for Brazil and Brazilians but I’m Argentinean and won’t wear that shirt”, he explained.  The reason seems a little strange given that fellow ex-Boca Juniors star and living legend Maradona recently donned the yellow for a light-hearted advert, explaining that “the only shirt I wouldn’t wear is the River Plate one.”

Tentative moves have been made to see if the player could, in fact, start over again but a six-month return to Brazil before the summer transfer market reopens with a more agreeable destination for the unsettled Albiceleste number 11.  The theory is that he could shine again at a club where the fans accepted the player and lifted him onto a pedestal.

The trouble is that Tevez left under a large cloud.  Previously idolising fans were hurt that he abandoned ship with Corinthians in the relegation zone and aren’t thrilled at the prospect of him turning up for six months before leaving in mid-Brasileirão 2007. There’s also the fact that Coach Emerson Leão is still in charge at the Parque São Jorge.

Leão was seen as the main reason that Tevez left, and the hardline Coach has also got rid of ex-FC Porto playmaker Carlos Alberto.  It seems that Corinthians is set for a totally un-star-studded 2007 as Nilmar is also out of the club.  Tevez, Nilmar, Carlos Alberto and Mascherano will probably only play for another Brazilian club if it’s Flamengo – MSI’s new-found love in Brazil after the Corinthians deal seems to be on its last legs.