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“Asians” in Britain: A personal message from the BNP’s webeditor, Steve Blake

12th July 2005

News article filed by Steve Blake, webeditor

In the aftermath of the terror bombings on London’s transport network last Thursday, which killed over 50 commuters and injured over 700, the email boxes of the BNP web team have witnessed a deluge of correspondence. The murderous attacks carried out by Islamist fundamentalists have generated waves of revulsion, anger, dismay and heightened concern that the attacks could have been prevented, if only the British government had enacted a tougher immigration policy, if only the British government had ordered the closure of all those mosques where the “clerics” within were found to be preaching hate against Christians, the secular and “Unbelievers”.

A selection of the emails received have been and will continue to be published on the “Your Say” pages of our website; the number one political website in the UK, which receives far more visitors than those of the Lab/Con/LibDem trio.

In addition to the measured tones of concern, anger and revulsion which we have received from indigenous Britons, many of whom have never made contact with us before, we have received a disproportionately large number of emails since Thursday lunchtime from Hindus and Sikhs. We do, of course, routinely receive messages from correspondents of all races, backgrounds and all political opinions but the 10% or so of all emails received in this recent time period is significant and I want to take a few moments to analyse and report on this recent issue.

United in grief

The messages tell a similar story; that the members of Britain’s Hindu and Sikh communities are united with us (the native British people) in grief and horror at the cowardly attacks which were carried out on Thursday and also reminding us (the native British people) that Sikhs are not the same as Muslims and that Hindus are not the same as Muslims and that the word “Asian”, frequently used by the popular press to describe Muslims/Hindus/Sikhs, is factually incorrect and misleading. Many go one step further to stress their loyalty to Great Britain and in
some cases illustrate this loyalty by making reference to a member of their family, such as a grandfather who fought alongside the British forces during World War II, or as in the case of one particular poignant message, a great uncle who acted as a personal bodyguard to Winston Churchill.

I would like to thank those members of the Sikh and Hindu communities who have taken the trouble to write in to the BNP. For some of them it could not have been easy; after all the media has whipped up hatred and fear within ethnic communities of the BNP by branding us “race-haters”, “thugs in suits” and “fascists”.

The fact that so many Hindus and Sikhs have written to us, the BNP, is highly significant. Unlike the blinkered battalions of politically
correct, effete liberals who claim to be the intellectual and political “elite” of the indigenous population, the Hindu and Sikh correspondents clearly recognise that the BNP speaks for a large section of the British population who are racially and culturally aware and who are deeply concerned by uncontrolled immigration. These correspondents are also painfully aware that there will be a few elements within the white
indigenous community who will be minded to carry out some kind of stupid act of retaliation; perhaps an attack on an innocent “brown face” or perhaps directed against a building, a centre or place of worship.

BNP - mature and responsible

I have replied to these correspondents and told each one of them that the BNP’s membership and support base is more mature, more responsible and self-disciplined than the handful of psychologically disturbed misfits who, along with their state paid assets, make up the membership of a number of impotent but troublesome gangs who claim to be “nationalists”. There can be absolutely no justification for any attack on innocent individuals or places of worship and I am personally saddened and sickened by today’s news which has reported at least two attacks on Sikh temples; one in Kent and another in Leeds.

In my reply I have further said that not a single BNP member or genuine supporter would consider taking any retaliation against an innocent “brown face” or a place of worship; Sikh, Hindu, Muslim or otherwise.

British people are not barbarians who lash out indiscriminately and the BNP is made up of those Britons who, along with a greater awareness of the political and cultural challenges facing our society, have the self-respect and discipline to deal with the negative consequences of multi-culturalism which has been imposed upon us all by a greedy, irreligious, spiritually barren and politically corrupt ruling class. I further add that OUR response to those religious extremists who bring death and destruction upon our people and our land will come; it will come in the form of a political and perfectly legal response. It will come blessed with the consent of the electorate who vote for our uncompromising stance of dealing with mass murderers and terrorists of every hue and persuasion.

All victims of multiculturalism

All of us; indigenous Britons, Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims and the many other ethnic and culturally different groups on Albion’s shores are victims of Britain’s ruling “elite” who have the twisted desire to reduce everything - our respective cultures, our religions, our most cherished traditions and values - to the lowest common denominator which returns the maximum profit to that “elite”.

“Asians” by definition are people from the geographically diverse continent of Asia. The people of the world’s largest continent are equally diverse and one does not need a degree in ethnology to be able to distinguish between a Korean, a Jordanian Arab and a Tamil from Sri Lanka.

There are about 800,000 Sikhs spread across the entire UK with large concentrations in Leicester, Birmingham and parts of London, particularly Southall.

Sikh courage

A number of Sikhs have demonstrated courage and risked ostracism from their own community by working with the BNP in recent years. The audio tape “Islam a threat to us all” was a joint venture involving the BNP, a Sikh spokesman and a Hindu representative.

Sadly the Hindu who worked on this 2001 project to alert the West to the danger posed by Islamic fundamentalism passed away but we continue to work with a number of Sikhs spanning several generations who now routinely send in reports which are published in our publications and websites or gathered for research. This should not be interpreted that the BNP has “gone soft” on race and immigration. Far from it, the BNP remains committed unswervingly to ending the multi-cultural experiment in these, our island homelands, which has created the very conditions which led to those terrorist atrocities last Thursday. There is no such thing as “strength through diversity”. Multi-culturalism breeds resentment, strife, suffering and fear. Mass immigration is a dangerous and potentially genocidal social engineering experiment which was forced on us all by an arrogant liberal-left elite acting without any democratic mandate, and we fully intend not just to halt but also to reverse – by negotiation, consent and positive incentives – the immigration tide. But it is perfectly possible, except perhaps in the minds of those straight-jacketed by unsuccessful reactionary dogma, for sincere British patriots to accept the co-operation and support of those minority groups who have extended their hand of friendship to the indigenous Britons, via the BNP.

There may be some readers who, maybe cynically or truthfully, will suggest that these Sikhs and Hindus are acting on a survival ticket, and that they want to use the BNP’s growing broadcasting and web operations to
send out the message to the wider indigenous British people that “it wasn’t us, leave us alone”, “not all brown faces are murdering Islamist terrorists” and of course “please do not attack our womenfolk and our

Community survival

I concede this may well be the motive of some of our recent correspondents, but so what if it is? These community leaders are demonstrating something which the vast majority of indigenous Britons need to embrace and that is the concept of community survival. Any self-respecting community will do whatever it can to prevent or halt unwarranted attacks on its elderly, its womenfolk, its vulnerable youngsters and on its sacred places; its places of worship, graveyards,
gathering places and historical buildings. If the Sikhs and Hindus are so minded to act in this manner of self-preservation that is their right and their duty. The point at issue for us indigenous Britons is why so few of our own people act in the same manner?

For both the genuine support which the many Sikhs and Hindus have extended to the British people via the BNP Internet team in the past few days and for their demonstration of community resolve and self-resilience in an increasingly fragmented, diverse and dysfunctional British society, I would like to convey our (the native British people)
community’s appreciation and reassurance that not a single act of “retaliation” will be carried out against any innocent member of their communities. We also have a lesson to learn from their community cohesion and mutual support. If our own people fail to find strength and support within our own communities and utilise the self-preservation
instincts of group co-operation and survival we face a difficult future in the dark troubled days ahead.



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