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Major events in Béziers
The main springtime events in Béziers
  If you’re looking for ideas for a city break in Europe this year, Béziers has lots going on to make your holiday go with a swing.

Caritats, Medieval Festival
18 and 19 MAY 2007
The Caritats festival is an extravaganza, taking the whole town back to the days of knights and troubadours. There is a market with wine and local produce, a medieval pageant, parades, historical spectacles, traditional games, jousting, educational presentations, a medieval banquet, craft shows, etc.
For two days Béziers will offer you a mixture of music, colour, smells, festive processions, shows of every kind and good food and drink!

Visit the site and download the programme
The Feast of Saint Aphrodisius
20 April 2007
Béziers’s patron saint, so the legend says, arrived to preach the gospel to the town mounted on his camel. On this traditional feast-day, processions and pageants follow the legendary animal through the streets of the town.

Franco-Spanish Festival
This meeting of the two traditions, organised by the local Spanish community, includes exchanges and discoveries of all kinds in a fortnight-long festival of culture, food, art and folklore.

The Riquet Run
This run, which brings together several thousand participants, goes from Toulouse to Béziers along the banks of the Canal du Midi. In just a few years it has become a classic event not to be missed.

“The Locks Festival”
16 and 17 JUNE 2007
Béziers’s 9 locks become host to exhibitions, presentations and tastings. Come and spend a day strolling through one of Béziers’s outstanding tourist attractions.

Rugby : The Grandes Écoles Tournament.

Springtime for the Museums
The main events in Béziers this summer
The Festival of Music
The streets and cafes swing into life and music fills the air: it’s a great kick-off for a summer packed with festival and events.

The Via Domitia
Béziers-Narbonne by mountain bike: more than a race, it’s a great day out marked with lots of fun and good humour.

“Festa d’oc” from 10 to 15 July
Occitania, the Land of the Troubadours, in festive mood, shows its vitality, its modernity, it’s openness to other cultures. A meeting place for Mediterranean voices and influences, crossed with Latin rhythms. Occitan Béziers plays host to the world.

A night of secrets
Just follow the crowd as this night time spectacle wanders through the streets and feel legend and reality merge together as if by magic. Laugh and be moved by the enthusiasm and colour of this Béziers, proud and resistant, human and endearing.

Arena cup
The legends of the tennis world have a date in Béziers. With exhibition matches and an evening concert in the Arènes, the Bull Ring, Béziers welcomes the gladiators of the sport. Sport and spectacle for an exceptional city break in Europe.

FROM 11 TO 15 AUGUST 2007
The “Feria” in Béziers no longer needs any introduction. A million visitors, a riotous fiesta in the bodegas (bars) and casitas (cafés), memorable events in the villages around, all make for super holidays in the south of France. Not to mention the unmissable spectacle of the Arènes, the Bull Ring, for those who love bullfighting.

For more information

Fête de la Libération
On 22 August Béziers celebrates the end of the Occupation. The history of this event brings back the emotions of the moment, which are ingrained so deeply in our collective memory.
The main events in Béziers this autumn
Heritage days

History in Béziers
(Les rencontres de Béziers)

In the Guesclin University Centre; a cycle of meetings to discuss and reflect on historical research

New season’s wine Festival
In the heart of the most extensive vineyards in the world, the arrival of the new season’s wine and the festivities which accompany it afford the opportunity to pay homage to the vine, which has made the region around Béziers, the “Biterrois”, really special. For a real splash of local colour make sure you build this event into your holidays in the south of France.

Clubs on show
(Les associations font les allées)
The rich number and variety of social and sporting clubs in the area are active all year. In September however, they join together in public on the Allées Paul Riquet for their Grand Fête.

Taste Week
It’s a short step from the arts of the table to culture. All over the town and in many different venues and groups, Taste Week unfolds with shows, exhibitions, meetings, all kinds of events…..

Mireille Bessière Judo Open Tournament
If Béziers is above all a rugby town, all sports are prized there and none more so than martial arts – and the Mireille Bessière Judo Open is an extra special occasion for martial arts fans.
The main events in Béziers this winter
Flamenco in winter
A ray of sunshine in the middle of winter – in the great Spanish tradition

Béziers Mix Party
An unmissable event for all fans of Techno and electronic music

Christmas Market
The Allées Paul Riquet are lined with the stalls of craftsmen and shopkeepers

Grand Winter Fair
The fun of this fair lasts for 20 days for young and old alike on the Allées Paul Riquet

Bass Tuesday (Mardi Graves)
A festival for bass instruments? A fantastic idea that’s been going for a few years
now. It’s a bit different from Shrove Tuesday!
Festival of laughter and humour

Antiques Fair

Car Show
The Christmas Crib
Come and see the marvellous Christmas Crib on the site of the Fonseranes Locks by the Canal du Midi.

Created in 1937 it has grown from a representation of the Nativity to a wonderful scene which includes figures portraying the trades of yesteryear, each figure with moveable parts. This is a special outing which local people make each Christmas time; don’t miss it during your Christmas break in France

Open from 9 December 2006 to 9 January 2007
Every afternoon 14.00 to 17.00
Free entrance
Information: +44 (0)4 67 49 59 00
Events Major events in Béziers
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