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Broadband Usage Reports
( Keeping Track of The Fast Internet Access )


The Information Society

United Nations Information and Communication Technologies Task
Call for Nominations: 5th Global Forum on Reinventing Government,
Information Society and Information and Communication Technologies.

APC - The Association for Progressive Communications
Information and communication technologies, ICT adoption
and implementation at national, regional and global levels.

Press Release on the ICT Report

Digital Access Index - Country Ranking List


( Reviews and Information )

Internet World Stats Broadband Statistics
Latest Internet broadband subscribers and penetration rates.

The Broadband Report
A monthly roundup of broadband penetration figures.

Understanding Broadband Demand
A Review of Critical Issues by the Office of Technology Policy,
U.S. Department of Commerce, September 23, 2002 figures.

The Broadband Index Report
The Broadband Index (BBI) measures current month
broadband demand in the United States.

The Broadband Week

The Broadband Wireless Exchange

Broadband Report
This Bandwidth Report gives monthly roundup of broadband
penetration figures from the US and elsewhere.

Broadband Usage Poised to Eclipses Narrowband in Largest U.S. Markets


( International and Local News )

Broadband Usage Keeps Growing in the World

Broadband Internet Access Worldwide

The DSL Forum

What is Broadband Access


( Global and Local )

Broadband in Europe Report
Broadband growth in Europe has been substantial during the last few years.
The region overtook North America in 2005 to become the second largest
broadband market after Asia. Read the free executive summary.

Global Broadband Statistics Report
Since its introduction, broadband has been growing at an astounding
rate, propelled by the worldwide demand for the improved services that
it facilitates. Read the free executive summary.

Broadband in the United States Report
With around 50 million broadband subscribers, the USA boasts the
world’s largest broadband market. Read the free executive summary.

Broadband and Telecommunications Technology Library
An essential source of information for telco operators and equipment manufacturers - for training purposes and to provide managers and technicians with an overview of areas that are outside their own field of expertise. Important also to investors and funds managers as an aid in assessing the prospects of companies.

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19 September 2007

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