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The AMD Performance Library (APL) is a collection of popular low-level software routines beginning with simple arithmetic and extending into rich domains, such as image and signal processing.
  • New! Video Decoding (H.264) support
  • New! JPEG support
  • New! AMD “Barcelona” Processor Optimizations
  • New! Sun Studio for Solaris support
  • Leverages multi-core processors
  • Accelerates application development
  • Available both as static and dynamic libraries
  • Future-proof interfaces to the processor
  • Future-proof upgrade path to new processor technologies
  • Multiple OS and platform support
  • Multiple code paths based upon various processor features
  • Highly scalable and configurable thread management
AMD Performance Library version 1.1 is here!

APL 1.1
AMD Performance Library version 1.1


Simple interface to take advantage of latest hardware innovations
APL tunes for the latest hardware so you can easily tap into new processor features, including:
  • MMX
  • SSE, SSE2
  • Multi-cores
Faster development of multimedia projects
With thousands of routines dedicated to image and signal processing, APL enables you to accelerate projects such as:
  • Media players
  • Codecs
  • Image editors
  • Audio applications
  • and many more...
Easy path to multi-threading
APL's aggressive internal threading features mean that you don't have to worry about managing sophisticated threading models or complex debugging. Whether you are using dynamic or static linking, Windows, Linux or Solaris 32- or 64-bit, threading just works.

APL is available in the following configurations:
32 & 64
32 & 64
32 & 64
Static Library (.lib/ .a)
Dynamic Library (.dll / .so)

The static library (.lib/ .a) version is currently available for the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, GCC version 4.1 and Sun Studio version 12.

New! Please visit the APL forum for FAQs, tips and tricks and peer support.
New! Please visit the AMD Libraries blog for the latest information and updates on the AMD Performance Library.

Send all feedback to with the subject line "APL-Support."

Support for Third-Generation AMD Opteron™ Processors
APL version 1.1 provides optimized routines to speed codec performance on AMD “Barcelona”-based processor platforms. This new and improved library infrastructure includes:
  • A new threading method that allows for both internal and external threading
  • A new pixel engine architecture enabling multiple code paths (e.g. �Greyhound� and �Barcelona� support)
  • Platform Support for the Sun Solaris 10 operating system