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Sturmbots on the storm,       Strumbots on the storm,
Into this house we're born,       Into this world we're thrown
Like a dog without a bone,       An actor out alone
Sturmbots on the storm

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Mamma Jamma's
Sturmbot Section

Sturmbot programs, waypoints, utilities and tutorials

Sturmbot Program
                               Sturmbot 1.7   (works for Steam DOD 1.3)
                               Sturmbot 1.6   (works for Steam DOD 1.3)
Sturmbot 1.5

Waypoint Files
                               Full Combination Pack   every individual waypoint file
Mamma Jamma Pack
Golden Pathways Pack
EatMyFireShorts Pack
Vladmir Darkcloud Pack

Sturmbot Utilities
Sturmbot Loader - updated version
Sturmbot Loader - original

Sturmbot Manual (view) - or download
- by Abteilung Sturmmann74
Jowo's Waypoint Tutorial
Gooofy's Waypoint Tutorial


Contact Us
If you have any Sturmbot-related material you'd like to contribute to this site,
please contact:   happinessisawarmgun @

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