Faye Wong

Uematsu's vocalist of choice for his beautiful love song, Eyes on Me, was the highly successful Faye Wong. Final Fantasy VIII was SquareSoft’s most cinematic game yet and the inclusion of a theme song to accompany it seemed logical – and who better for the part than this Asian gem. Uematsu chose Faye Wong not only for her popularity, but because he believed her voice perfectly matched the spirit and expression needed to convey the character of Julia Heartily, who, in the game, writes the song to express her feelings towards Laguna Loire.

Convincing Wong to record the song proved to be a difficult matter in the presence of her already demanding and hectic schedule. With a paycheck of $1,000,000 in her pocket, she finally took on the task and it is even rumored that she recorded the song in only one take without rehearsal.

Wong’s career began when she arrived in Hong Kong at the age of 18. After a brief period modeling, she took up singing lessons and a year later she had signed her first recording contract. Her first album, The Day With No Patience, was a huge success and following this, she went to New York to study music. She then returned to Hong Kong and released many more albums, winning several awards along the way.

Faye Wong is also a highly successful actress. She starred in Kar-Wai’s 1994 film Chungking Express, where she picked up a Best Actress award in Sweden. While now unfortunately divorced, she lives happily with her child called Dou Jingtong, born in 1997.

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Emiko Shiratori

Emiko sang for the main theme song for Final Fantasy IX, Melodies of Life. She also wrote the lyrics to the Aeris Theme remix, Pure Heart, featured on the Final Fantasy X soundtrack compilation, feel/Go Dream.

Her debut as a solo artist was in 1969 with "Toi et Moi". Since then, she has sung for the 1972 Sapporo Winter Olympics, aswell as the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics where she performed her own song, "Flowers for You". She has also lent her voice in theme songs for the television animation series "Moomin", the TBS drama "Hotel" and the movie "Doreamon".


Rikki, otherwise known as Nakano Ritsuki, is the vocalist for the Final Fantasy X theme song, Suteki Da Ne (Isn't It Beautiful), as well as for the Aeris Theme remix Pure Heart which is a track on the Final Fantasy X compilation soundtrack, feel/Go Dream. The whole game has many traditional Japanese influences and the music is no exception. One of the main reasons why Nobuo Uematsu chose Rikki to sing this song is because she is a Japanese folk singer and her singing voice is very gentle with a sweet tone, which is very similar to the voice of Yuna in the Japanese version of the game.

The single, Suteki Da Ne, was released on 18th July 2001 and reached the No.10 spot on the Japanese singles chart, Oricon. A mini album, Kanaria, containing a version of the single, was also released in Japan on the 3rd October 2001.

Rikki was born in 1975 in Amami Oshima and began singing traditional Japanese folk music at age 4. Then at age 15 she became the youngest ever "Grand Prix" winner of the Japanese traditional folk music awards. Her singing career followed soon after and her first album Mucha ka na was released in 1993.

Many people have been inspired by Rikki's singing voice and her ability to combine elements of both folk and pop music. The singer Kazufumi Miyazawa of rock band "The Boom" was one of those inspired by her voice and Rikki appeared on one of the band's albums, as well as on a solo album by Miyazawa. She was also asked to sing at the opening ceremony of the 1998 Winter Paralympics in Nagano, and in 2001, she produced an "image album" with Joe Hisaishi for the highly acclaimed film Spirited Away, directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

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Risa Ohki

The soloist who lends her voice for the vocal collection soundtrack, Final Fantasy: Pray, as well as for a select number of tracks for the Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow soundtrack. She was born in Osaka, Japan, and graduated from the Osaka College of Music where she formed the band, Pagent. She debuted in 1986. Her skills in music also include the Keyboard and composing.

Ikuko Noguchi

Ikuko Noguchi is the second vocalist who features in the vocal collection soundtrack, Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow.