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In her native Australia, Natalie Imbruglia reigns as a soapopera starlet; over here, she's just the latest pop thrush who sounds kind of like Alanis. Imbruglia is a Nineties version of Patsy Kensit or Kylie Minogue, a screen princess having a bash at pop stardom with smart pros to help with the music part. On her album, too many cooks spoil the broth, adding rock guitars and industrial clank beats that have nothing to do with her fey charms. But her hit "Torn," co-written and produced by former Cure bassist Phil Thornally, is just like heaven: a glossy Europop breakup song, heavy on the keyboard goop, with Imbruglia's sad vocals reaching a true lonely-girl splendor. The song easily wins this year's Cardigans Memorial Tiara for love-me-fool-me pouting; hopefully, Imbruglia can give us a whole album's worth someday. (RS 784)


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