Friday, September 16, 2005

Weapons Lubricant in the Desert

I saw this on NCOTEAM.ORG and thought I'd share it, you know, in case there are any Soldiers reading my blog that are in a desert or may be heading to one. Anyway, it makes a world of difference when you know why we use certain things in certain ways...
Graphite Lubricants versus Lubricating Fluid (LSA)

by Sergeant First Class RSC

Some of the soldiers in Iraq are using graphite lubricants in their weapons due to “gumming up” of cleaner lubricant and preservative (CLP) in weapons. Both ArmaLite Corp. and Colt DO NOT RECOMMEND THE USE OF GRAPHITE LUBRICANTS UNDER ANY CONDITION. ArmaLite Corp. warns that graphite can encourage RAPID CORROSION of the aircraft grade aluminum used in the M16 family of weapons. This could lead to catastrophic receiver failure resulting in the injury or death of the operator. Both manufacturers recommend LSA (Lubricating Oil Semi-Fluid, NSN 9150-00-889-3522) or some other high-grade lubricant be used in small quantities (one drop around the bolt and one drop in the cam-pin hole of the bolt carrier for desert operations). I have used this “light lube philosophy” in the desert with good effect and no misfires. In the desert, less lube is better. Any weapon that has aluminum components in the receiver or internal working parts, such as the M-9 pistol, can be exposed to the corrosive effects of graphite; such lubricants MUST NOT BE USED. Graphite can be used on all STEEL weapons such as the M2 and .50 caliber.

Recommended Action/DTLOMS Implications:

Read –10 TM

Provide dissemination on the graphite damage to aluminum components

[emphasis added]

Use the right lube and your weapon should work fine. Shortcuts could cost you your life.

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