The above fifteen photographs were taken by Allen Adams of 'The Blanks' at 'The Grenadiers' in March 1978.


An original gig ticket for Eater's first gig at the Holdsworth Hall in Machester on 20th September 1976, before Roger and Ian were in the band. There is an excellent account of this gig on page 38 of Andy Blade's fantastic book, 'The Secret Life Of A Teenage Punk Rocker'.


Original gig flyer for the Eater gig at Dingwalls on 26th April 1977. This could of been the gig that Lou Reed attended.


Original flyer for the St. Valentine's benefit concert for the Roxy Club on Sunday 13th February 1977. The gig featured Johnny Thunder's Heartbreakers, Eater and Chelsea.


Above is an original 10cm x 35cm gig flyer from the legendary 'Electric Circus', Manchester
from August 1977.


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Original flyer for the Eater gig at the Roxy Club on 23rd February 1977.

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Above is an original gig flyer for the 'White Hart' in Acton, London from late 1978.




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