HEIGHT: 6'3''
WEIGHT: 232 lbs.
HOMETOWN: Metropolis
TRAINERS: Les Thatcher, Dory Funk Jr., Ian Rotten, Tracey Smothers, Dave Taylor, William Regal, Fit Finlay, Skayde
DEBUT: September 12th 1998
THEME MUSIC: It's A Bird, It's A Plane - Ralph Cardell

  • Hero's Welcome (inverted swinging neckbreaker)
  • Hero's Welcome Championship Edition (arm-and-head grip twisting Michinoku Driver II)
  • Super Hero's Welcome (lifting rolling cutter
  • Hangman's Clutch (inverted cravate STF)
  • Hangman's Clutch II (inverted cravate crossface)
  • Hangman's Clutch III (inverted cravate with a standing leg grapevine)
  • Hangman's Clutch Facebuster (spinning cravate hold into a sitout facebuster)
  • Rivera Cloverleaf (modified Texas cloverleaf)
  • Rubix Cube (cravate iconoclasm from an electric chair)
  • Cravate
  • Cravate buster (second rope cravate into a somersault cutter)
  • Cravate cutter (front flip neckbreaker)
  • Cravate-O-Clasm (second rope sitout snapmare)
  • Cravate-Plex (3/4 facelock side suplex)
  • Hero DDT (spinning lifting DDT)
  • Hero Sandwich (scoop into spinning uranage backbreaker)
  • Hero Sandwich II (Arm trapped scoop into spinning uranage backbreaker)
  • Hero Sidekick (Yakuza kick to cornered opponent)
  • Russ Abbot rollup (leapfrog, crawl between opponent's leg, roll over opponent, schoolboy)
  • Tope con Hero (tope con hilo)
  • Palm strike assault
  • Moonsault
  • Ankle lock
  • Big boot
  • Senton
  • Johnny Saint Special
  • Double foot stomp
  • Double foot stomp into a senton

  • CHIKARA Campeon de Parejas (w/Claudio Castagnoli)
  • CZW World Heavyweight Champion
  • CZW Tag Team Champion (w/Claudio Castagnoli)
  • ROH Tag Team Champion (w/Claudio Castagnoli)
  • wXw 16 Carat Gold 2007 Tournament Winner
    Chris Hero is one of the most talented wrestlers on the independents. But unfortunately, he is also one of the most arrogant wrestlers on the independents. Entering CHIKARA in 2002 on the debut show up until early 2005, Hero was a tecnico, often teaming with Mike Quackenbush as the SuperFriends. But suddenly, at the Tag World Grand Prix, all of that changed. Hero snapped, attacking Quackenbush and joining up with the winners Claudio Castagnoli and Arik Cannon to form The Kings of Wrestling, a stable made to take over CHIKARA and destroy everything Mike Quackenbush created and represented. Hero's frustration had been growing for some time, especially after Quackenbush defeated him in the 2004 Ted Petty Invitational cleanly, outwrestling the man. Following the turn, Hero looked immediately to add to his stable, soon offering outcasts and Quackenbush trainees Icarus and Gran Akuma a spot. The two, feeling left out and frustrated, joined the group. Hero would gain much success in this time, winning the CZW Tag Team Titles with Claudio, and later the CZW World Title. Hero would defeat Quackenbush in their match at the 2005 Aniversario shows, but only after taking out Bryce Remsburg with a German suplex, allowing Cannon and Castagnoli to hit their lethal Glimmering Warlock/Ricola Bomb double team. To this day, Hero has refused to grant Quackenbush the rematch he craves. Hero's other big feud at the time - and for some time after - was with Eddie Kingston, who was sickened by Hero's betrayal of his trainer, and also Hero apparently driving Kingston's best friend since childhood Jack Marciano out of the business. Cannon left the group when he realised a brutal attack from Hero and Claudio on Reckless Youth and Quackenbush was wrong, leaving the group at 4.

    The CHIKARA vs. KOW war continued into 2006, with Hero and Claudio winning the Campeonatos de Parejas in the final Tag World Grand Prix, gloating right in front of Quackenbush, watching from the Eagle's Nest, frustrated (he was out injured at the time). When Quackenbush returned, he formed an effective trio with Jigsaw and Shane Storm to try and take out the Kings, but, ultimately, the stable destroyed themselves. Hero and Castagnoli succesfully defeated challengers such as Yago & MIYAWAKI and the North Star Express, but lost the belts to - yes - Akuma and Icarus. It was after this match that Hero snapped, ordering his students to attack Castagnoli, kicking him out of the group. Hero would not be seen in CHIKARA again until March of 2007, returning from a Japanese tour with Pro Wrestling NOAH, and he returned with renewed confidence, promising to make a singles impact once again. He did this with wins over Ricochet, Hallowicked, and finally Castagnoli, who he defeated at Rey de Voladores after interference from ROH running buddy "Sweet 'N Sour" Larry Sweeney. As a result of this, Castagnoli was forced to rejoin the Kings. However, following this, it appeared that the Kings divided into two groups: Akuma, Icarus and Chuck Taylor, and Hero, Claudio and Sweeney. Civil war has occurred within the Kings of Wrestling.

    CHIKARA RECORD (updated 05/19/07)

    2002 0 1 0 0.000
    2003 1 0 1 0.500
    2004 3 3 0 0.500
    2005 20 8 0 0.714
    2006 10 6 0 0.625
    2007 4 5 0 0.444
    OVERALL 38 23 1 0.613