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March 7, 2001 Get out your dancing shoes!

I opened a new section called Audio Files and uploaded my very first Star Trek song - The Picard Song. I hope you'll have half as fun listening to it as I had making it. Well, regardless of the response I'll get, I've already started working on the next one. So brace yourselves.
- DarkMateria -

Feb 23, 2001 More this, more that

I submitted my site to The Star Trek Top 200 and it looks like I'm finally getting some traffic here. 30 hits in a week that's a traffic explosion for me, sad eh? So don't forget to vote. for me. Anyway, I just finished another two Character bios of The Doctor and Kes. And I uploaded a few more TOS pictures (they're really very good :) and wrote another 5 TNG reviews.
- DarkMateria -

Feb 19, 2001 Pretty Big Update

I completely redecorated the Polls Section with some nice graphics and I split the Cool Trek Stuff into two sections. Added Bios of Data, Chakotay, Uhura and James T. Kirk. I did another 10 reviews and uploaded 40 very nice looking pictures to the TOS Gallery.
- DarkMateria -

Jan 13, 2001 New Host!

My old host Crosswinds seem to have deleted my site, well they sucked anyway. I upped my site to a new faster, and totally pop-up free host. Hooray! Maybe now i'll get some more hits :-) I added another 10 reviews and did a few more Character Bios. The great Jean-Luc Picard, my favourite Voyager character Tuvok, and both daxes Ezri Dax and Jadzia Dax.
- DarkMateria -

Nov 25, 2000 Back in Business

After some serious problems with my computer I'm back online. I installed an earlier version of Internet Explorer and to my great embarressment I noticed some major flaws in my HTML - things should work in ALL the browsers in the world now. I put up some nice skins I did for The Sims if anyone likes that game. Also added another two new Character Profiles, Kira Nerys and Worf.
- DarkMateria -

Nov 2, 2000 Polls! ...Millions of them.

I finally got my Polls page up and running. I added some 20 different polls for all of you to vote on. The polls are from, good solid stuff with lots of features and statistics. So please put on your best voting hat, and go vote.
- DarkMateria -

Oct 31, 2000 More Reviews, more Pictures...

I have been very busy with other projects (partying :-) but I found time for an update. I added another ten TNG reviews. Added five nice pictures to the TOS gallery. Added two new Character Profiles to the Cool Trek Stuff page, Ben Sisko and Miles O'Brien. More stuff is on the way. The Links page has been updated.
- DarkMateria -

Oct 27, 2000 The Site is Up!

Big day of uploading, I had to manually upload almost 500 files one by one, and most of them had to be renamed. I chose Crosswinds to host my site because it was completely banner free, however today they added a most annoying pop-up. Just ignore it. Everything else seems to be working fine. I'm still working on the Polls section, and I have a whole lot of episode reviewing to do.
- DarkMateria -

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