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Sean Abley

SEAN ABLEY spent the better part of the 90's in Chicago writing, directing and producing theater for his company, The Factory Theater. Some of his long-running productions include Bitches, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians: The Musical, Attack of the Killer B's (also produced here in Los Angeles) and Nuclear Family. He then moved to LA where he spent time writing and producing more reality TV than he'd care to admit -- no names, to protect the not-so-innocent from slanderous accusations and libelous intimations.

Thankfully, children's television rescued him with writing gigs on So Weird (Disney Channel), Sabrina, The Animated Series (ABC), Mega Babies and Digimon (Fox Family). He also wrote a bunch of pilots for Klasky-Csupo including Bench Pressly, the World's Strongest Private Dick with Ahmet Zappa, starring Bruce Campbell and Tim Curry. In the "Where Does This Belong?" category, he wrote video segments for the "Men In Black - Alien Attack" theme park attraction at Universal Studios Florida starring Rip Torn.

Along the way he started producing films: A Bear's Story for SGF Productions; Nine Lives starring Debra Wilson (Mad TV), Dennis Christopher (Breaking Away, Chariots of Fire, Fade to Black) and William Christian (All My Children), for Shimmer Films; Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror for MoDean Productions, and most recently Butcher House for FatKidFilms/Idolik Entertainment. He also wrote the recently completed horror flick Rope Burn for Moving In Pictures, soon to be on dvd.

After aiding and abetting the slaughter of young teens in that film, he's thrilled to be directing his own feature horror script, Socket, for Dark Blue Films and Velvet Candy, LLC.

Sean owns 1,000 dvds, all horror. No lie.