The British National Party, BNP, is the only hope for the survival of British people in these islands. The BNP is not just a political party standing in elections, it is the only movement which encompasses political, community and cultural aspects to ensure that the British folk nations have a future.
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Circles and Associations

Land and People - rural affairs
Pensioners' Awareness Group
Friends of European Nationalism
Ethnic Liason Committee

Land and People
PO Box 14, Welshpool, Powys SY21 0WE.
'Phone line/fax line:- 01938 820 560. Email:

Description: Land and People is the British National Party's rural affairs circle.

Pensioners' Awareness Group
PO Box 148, Leicester LE3 2YD.

Description: Pressure group for a better deal for pensioners!

Friends of European Nationalism
PO Box 82, Canterbury, New South Wales 2192, Australia.

Description : Antepodian support group for the BNP and other mainstream European Nationalists. Australian & New Zealand supporters get in touch!

Ethnic Liason Committee
PO Box 28, Erith, DA8 2ZN.

Description : The BNP's Ethnic Liason Committee is an association, completely separate from the party itself, that members of the ethnic minorities can contact and join. BNP members have in the past demonstrated with members of the ethnic minorities against the refusal of the government to help them return to their homeland. Such shows of solidarity and mutual co-operation demonstrates that black and white alike want to preserve their own heritage and identity and that this instinctive yearning has nothing at all to do with "racism" or "hate" as is so often claimed by politically correct liberals.



Daily News Update

0906 553 2245
Calls cost £1/min
PO Box 107, Wigton, Cumbria,

British national party monthly newspaper is called Voice of Freedom
Land and people website
BNP and the peak oil crisis

Great White Records for first class music

Excalibur is the place for merchandise, books, ornaments, household goods and clothing based on celtic and european designs.

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British National Party monthly journal is called Identity

British national lottery
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