Reading Buccaneers

DCA Championships

Sept 2, 2007

corps score
Buccaneers 98.313
Caballeros 96.650
Empire Statesmen 95.650
Bushwackers 94.575
Brigadiers 93.683
Minnesota Brass 92.963
Hurricanes 92.488
Renegades 89.400
CorpsVets 88.775
Crusaders 87.525

Reading Buccaneers Unveil New Brand Image

New Logo - Reading Buccaneers

Reading, PA (July 5, 2007) – The two-time defending Drum Corps Associates (“DCA”) world champion Reading Buccaneers Drum & Bugle Corps today unveiled a new brand image for the organization, marking the first institutional change to the corps’ brand in decades.

2007 marks the organization’s 50th anniversary. According to Corps Director James C. Gruber, the time was right to make the change. “We’re happy with where we are as an organization from a program, instruction and competitive standpoint. Internally, we’re celebrating our 50th anniversary by focusing on the future of this great organization and some long-term, big-picture areas, such as our marketing, community relations and fundraising efforts. With communications and marketing being so visually driven, it’s important that the Buccaneers have a strong, unique and appealing brand image. We’re excited about this new brand and the impact it could have in the marketplace, and we’re proud that it also stays true to the past 50 years of Buccaneers tradition,” said Gruber.

The brand was designed by Buccaneers Creative Services Manager Jeffrey P. Zehner. “We were looking for a brand that was simple yet powerful, easy to implement, uniquely ours and at the same time universal,” said Zehner. “We took a great deal of inspiration from professional sports teams, whose brands have such broad appeal and almost instant recognition. We wanted the same for the Buccaneers, and we think we found it.”

The central feature of the brand is the enduring symbol of the corps – the ship’s wheel – displayed more prominently and boldly than ever before, in the strong shades of blue that have dominated the corps’ visual identity on the field. Also true to the corps’ nautical roots, the weapon featured in the brand is the “falchion,” a curved, scimitar-like sword with design roots in the East. This weapon found favor among pirates of the 1600s and 1700s during the “Golden Age of Piracy.” It symbolizes the discipline, pride, precision and competitiveness that are hallmarks of the Buccaneers and the drum corps activity. The typeface is strong, sleek and, importantly, efficiently readable and easily transferable.

Founded in 1957, the Buccaneers are a non-profit, education-oriented musical organization. The Buccaneers are a charter member of Drum Corps Associates and won the first-ever DCA world championships in 1965. Additional titles followed in 1968, 1979, 1980 and, most recently, in 2005 and 2006, both undefeated championship seasons. The organization celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2007. All Buccaneers alumni are encouraged to visit the corps’ web site to register to receive anniversary information. The Buccaneers are sponsored in part by Behler-Hein American Legion Post 637, Hamburg, Pennsylvania, and Roy A. Master American Legion Post 217, Topton, Pennsylvania.

The corps’ 2007 production is an ambitious program entitled Blue Era. The show features New Era Dance by contemporary American composer Aaron Jay Kernis, The Promise of Living, from The Tender Land, by Aaron Copland, Danza Final (Malambo), from the Estancia dances by Alberto Ginastera and Rhapsody in Blue, by George Gershwin.