Creator: Takuya Fujima
Publisher: Del Rey
Age Rating: Older Teen
Genres: Fantasy, Adventure
RRP: $10.95
Free Collars Kingdom v3
Reviewed by Dan Polley

The Free Collars are back and they’re biting and scratching their way through the final volume of Takuya Fujima’s “Free Collars Kingdom.” This short but sweet series follows anthropomorphic animals who battle each other in a series of turf wars and catfights.

In this volume, the story reaches a conclusion with the Free Collars deciding that after a big attack by their arch-enemy, Siam, they can no longer sit around and play defense. Instead, they decide to take the fight to Siam, who reigns over the West Ikebukuro territory and who dreams of one day usurping the Free Collars’ home in East Ikebukuro.

Once they are in Siam’s territory, they face obstacles that threaten to permanently impede their lives, including capture of some of the Free Collars inside Siam’s lair. Can the rest of the gang possibly defeat Siam on their own and help finally wrest control of Ikebukuro and put it in Free Collar hands?

Despite the well-done plot through most of the volume, it does take a downturn in the end in that it is not hard to predict the ending. While the ending was good, it was a bit disappointing that it was so easily seen.

Once again, the art is enjoyable, but can sometimes be overloaded. The distinction in art styles between the Free Collars’ point of view, which shows them as anthropomorphic animals, and humans’ point of view, which shows them as cats, is fun and welcomed. However, just as with the last volume, often there are sequences in which there is too much going on and it is hard to decipher exactly what the eyes are seeing.

In the end, the final volume of “Free Collars Kingdom” is a bit of a disappointment, but fans of the series will continue to enjoy the animalistic cheekiness.

14 October 2007
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