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Corey Feldman.com - News/Updates


-COREY TO PERFORM FIRST EVER FULL LENGTH CONCERT IN CANADA THIS FRIDAY THE 19th:O.K. all you Canadian Corey fans here is Corey's Christmas present to you....A free concert @ The Plaza on Granville st.(downtown Vancouver) in Vancouver B.C.this Friday night. The concert will be filmed for Corey's new television show which will begin airing on A&E; Network this spring. Corey is putting on a full scale show with lights lasers and the works...there is even a rumor Corey Haim will be making a rare appearance. The doors open @ 7 p.m. and admission is a can or jar of food for the homeless. This will be a charity event so please arrive with your food as early as possible as this venue only holds 700 people and it will be first come..... first come!!! @ The Plaza on Granville st.

COREY'S MOVIE THE BIRTHDAY IS FINALLY OUT...in Spain.: After two years of waiting what Corey calls his greatest acting achievment will finally be in theatres in select parts of the world. The Birthday Premiered in Spain (the country it was shot in) on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 10th. Shortly after it's Spanish run the film will see theatrical releases in Germany and France. There is no word yet on release dates for those Countries but you will know as soon as we do. Depending on the films success in those markets will determine it's release strategy for the rest of the world. So if you are in Spain make sure you go see Corey while he's out there. Keep checking back for more info on THE BIRTHDAY as it develops.


Corey recieved an award presented by the WILDLIFE WAY STATION on Saturday October 14th. Corey was honored with the PAWS of FAME AWARD recognizing his dedication to ANIMAL RIGHTS and ECOLOGICAL EDUCATION. The ceremony was held during the afternoon at the legendary PLAYBOY MANSION. He recieved the award alongside other animal rights activists such as Nicolette Sheridan, with performances by Bill Maher and Quincy Jones. It was a wonderful event for a wonderful cause. The Wildlife Way Station saves a lot of animals lives in Southern California. To learn more visit their website @ www.WILDLIFEWAYSTATION.COM.


The rumors are true...well some of them. After over 10 years The acting duo of "The Corey's" are finally working together again on a brand new T.V. hybrid (scripted reality) comedy show. The improvisational show will also star Susie Feldman in her acting debut. The as of yet untitled show will feature Corey Haim as a down on his luck characterisation who asks the Feldman's to crash on their couch for a few days, and it turn's into an eternity. Haim's unorthodox ways disrupt the peaceful Feldman Family and madness and chaos ensue. The show will will be executive produced by Feldman and Haim and will begin production next month. The new project will likely begin airing next year on the A and E network. Feldman was quoted as saying " I am extremely excited to be working with our production partners RDF as well as A and E to create this show. But mostly I am excited to work with Susie everyday, and of course Corey. He looks great and is in top form, I think people are going to be really surprised to see him as they remember." p>

< -Corey's animated t.v.show SUPER ROBOT MONKEY TEAM HYPER FORCE GO! has started airing it's new season. You can watch the brand new shows @ 11:00 a.m. P.S.T. on Saturday mornings in September on TOON Disney. Corey plays SPRX (the red monkey) so make sure you check it out,and as always it is on mon-fri @ 6:00 P.S.T. so check your local listings. -


Acting Info -

- Corey's film The Birthday released in theaters across Europe this summer see down below for more infoc

- Corey is currently in pre-production of his new film, "The Straight Man," which he will be directing, executive producing, and starring in. There will be an all-star cast which will be released in the near future. Filming will begin sometime in the near future and the location is T.B.A.!c

- Corey's latest cartoon venture, "Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force, Go!" where he plays SPRX, has become a tremendous success amongst kids (his son even watches it) So much so that Hasbro toy's has released a line of talking doll's from the show...Yes there is a doll with Corey's voice, and you can even buy it at your local Target or Toy's R' Us stores. The show is finishing it's second season and airs Monday through Friday 5:30 pm and 10:30 pm on Toon Disney & Saturday and Sunday mornings on ABC Family Channel.

- Music News -

- Corey is currently recording a solo album! He is extremely excited about his new work and is planning on releasing it with a major label, and not an independent one as his others were! He did record his newest single, "Baby Blue Eyes," on his 20/20 special.Check back for more info later!


<->Corey and Erica Pryor in Eugenio Mira's THE BIRTHDAY This is a film that Corey shot in spain with a spanish director,cast, and crew. He was,the only American actor, and say's it is the best work he has ever done.Aparantly the critics agree as it has already won him a best actor award at a film festival in Luxemburgh and tremendous reviews like the one @www.joblo.com or to get a peek, visit www.thebirthday-themovie.com