Master Hudson Trevor Allison

Master Hudson Trevor Allison, 11m, was born May 7, 1911 in Westmount, Quebec.

Shortly after Trevor was born, the Allison family travelled to England for business purposes, and it was in England that young Trevor was baptised.

He travelled on the Titanic with his father Hudson Allison his mother Bess Allison and sister Loraine. He was also accompanied by a nurse Alice Cleaver.

Of the Allison family, only baby Trevor was saved.

After the sinking, baby Trevor returned home to Canada, where he would be raised by his aunt and uncle, George and Lillian Allison.

Trevor died on 7 August 1929 at the age of 18 in Maine, USA of ptomaine poisoning and was buried beside his father in Chesterville, Ontario.

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Born: Sunday 7th May 1911
Age: 11 months and 8 days.
Last Residence: in Montreal Québéc Canada
1st Class passenger
First Embarked: Southampton on Wednesday 10th April 1912
Ticket No. 113781 , £151 16s
Cabin No. C22/26
Rescued (boat 11)
Disembarked Carpathia: New York City on Thursday 18th April 1912
Died: Wednesday 7th August 1929
Cause of Death: Ptomaine Poisoning
Buried: Maple Ridge Cemetery Chesterville Ontario Canada

Travelling Companions (on same ticket)
Mr Hudson Joshua Creighton Allison
Mrs Bessie Waldo Allison
Miss Helen Loraine Allison
Miss Alice Catherine Cleaver
Miss Sarah Daniels

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Grave or Memorial
Grave of Hudson Trevor Allison

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