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Map of Transdnistrea and Administrative device  (Map in russian language)
City and District centres of Transdnistrea


  The origin of the town is connected with the Russian - Turkish wars of the 18th century for getting back the coast of the Black Sea.
  During the war of 1787-1791 the troops under the command of A.V. Suvorov gained brilliant victories. The war ended with Yassy treaty "Peace and Friendship for ever". According to this treaty the territory between the Southern Bug and the Dniester was joined to Russia. And today`s regions of the left bank of the river formed a part of that territory. To defend the left bank of the river formed a part of that territory. To defend the new western of the state it was decided in 1792 to build the Dniester fortified line. Tiraspol fortress was founded on June 22 (July 6) 1792 by A.V. Suvorov. To the east from the fortress one could see a suburb which in1795 became a town and a centre of the district of the same name.
  In 1835 the fortress was abolihed but the town continued to develop as a commercial and economic centre. Tiraspol was the first town of the district connected with Odessa and its port in 1867 by the railway line. By the and of the 19th century Tiraspol had more then 100 big end small enterprises manufacturing production costing 400.000 roubles. The considerable part of goods was always sold at 3 biggest town`s fairs - Srednepostnaya, Voznesenskaya, Pokrovskaya. Merchants and businessmen from all parts of Russia came to those fairs.

    The Transdnistrean area - 4,163 sq. kms.
    Length of borders - 851 kms.
    Capital of Transdnistrea - Tiraspol.
    In Transdnistrea live about 750 thousand people.
      National structure - motley:
    the Moldavian 40%
    Ukrainian 26%
    Russian 24%
    Bulgarian, Jews, Gagauzian, German etc. 10%
      In general, is totaled about 35 nationalities. The state languages - Russian, Moldavian, Ukrainian. The basic part of the believers - orthodox Christians.

References in Internet network

Ольвия пресс"Olvia press".

News agency "Olvia-press". News from Transnistria.

The Russian - Transnistria information-analytical center.
Коммерсант +"The businessman +"

An independent business weekly journal of Moldova "BUSINESSMAN PLUS"
Газета СНГThe newspaper of the CIS

Newspaper CIS.Ru: All about Commonwealth of the Independent States.
Министерство Внутренних Дел ПМРMinistry of Internal Affairs TRN
On a site the detailed information on a history of creation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is given, the information on chiefs and heads of divisions and the separate services, interesting references to other power{force} bodies not only the CIS but also abroad is given, the list of the persons who are taking place in search is submitted.
Министерство Иностранных Дел ПМРThe ministry for Foreign Affairs TRN
В своей работе над сайтом, взяв за основу принципы оперативности, компетентности и ответственности, мы стремимся помещать максимальный объем объективной информации о внешнеполитической деятельности республики. Надеемся, что наше общение станет весьма плодотворным и будет проходить в конструктивном русле взаимодействия.
Министерство Экономики ПМРThe ministry of Economics TRN

A lot of analytical information, the reference to local resources the Internet, and also the Russian news of economy and many other things.
Министерство Доходов ПМРState tax service TRN

Functions and regulating documents.
Государственная служба по проведению приватизацииГосударственная служба по проведению приватизации
На основании Указа ПМР №272 от 07.08.2000г.в связи с формированием Кабинета Министров и реорганизацией структуры управления в системе исполнительной власти, Государственный комитет по управлению имуществом ПМР был реорганизован в Госслужбу по проведению приватизации.
Государственная служба по проведению приватизации входит в структуру Аппарата Президента ПМР на правах самостоятельного ведомства. На основании Положения "О Государственной службе по проведению приватизации" утвержденного Указом Президента ПМР №394 от 12.09.2000г.

News, politics, economy, a forum and many other things.
Научно-производственное объединение акционерное общество "Электромаш"Research-and-production association joint-stock company " Electromash ".
A site tells about a factory, its production, the price-list for the interested visitors is offered. All production is submitted by qualitative photos and the most detailed characteristics!
Завод литейных машин имени С. М. КироваA factory of foundry machines of a name of S.M.Kirova
3АО Тираспольский завод металлоизделий им. П.В. ДобродееваClosed joint-stock company, Tiraspol factory of hardware of a name of P. V. Dobrodeyev
One of the oldest enterprises of our republic (city) with more than 70 years operational experience on release of the consumer goods.
ГУП State Unitary Enterprise " The Benders factory "Electroequipment"
The site tells about a factory, its production, the price-list for the interested visitors is offered.
За высокий профессионализм в работе и высокое качество наших изделий мы награждены международной наградой "Арка Европы".
ЕЛЦРМ - Евангелическо Лютеранская Церковь в Республике МолдоваELCRM - Evangelical Lutheran Church in Republic Moldova
ТигинаIndustrial - business concern "Tigina"
The reference point - world level, the perfect technology, the unique equipment, the advanced European system of the organization of work, partnership with known German shoe firms.
Рыбницкая почтаThe affiliated state unitary enterprise "Ribniskaia mail"
"Ribniskaia mail" - the enterprise having high image in the market of post services and distributions of seal Transnistria, Moldova, Russia.
ЦСО "Гармония"The Centre of Social Education "Harmony"
The Centre of Social Education"Harmony" - NGO (non government organization), is created 3 years ago with the purpose of creating favorable conditions of the development of civil society through development and introduction of the latest integrated approach in the development of a personality and a society first of all.
ДДЮТThe Municipal educational institution of the additional formation "Palace of Childlike Juvenile Creative Activity". Tiraspol.

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