History of Toronto and County of York

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Biographical sketches from
A History of Toronto and County of York

title page of bookThis section of the web site contains transcriptions of the biographical sketches of York County residents found in A History of Toronto and County of York, published in 1885. One thing to keep in mind when reading the sketches is that the information in them is anecdotal as opposed to being derived from genealogical research; as a result, the "facts" are only as accurate as the memory (or honesty!) of the person who gave them. Having said that, the sketches are fascinating reading and can point you in the right direction for further research if you do find your ancestors.

Following the arrangement in the book, the sketches are grouped by geographic location within York County. Use the pulldown menu in left hand column to browse a specific region. You can also use the search engine below to search all of the biographies, by selecting "bios" from the pulldown menu, and entering a name (or other search term) in the box. Results will be displayed in a new window.

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