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The Webmaster1543 01.27.06
The webserver is now back online thanks in great part to Psyrixx and Jester teaming up and installing a ten inch steel vault door between me and my liquor.


Everything should be working as it used to but if for some reason you happen to find that it isn't please send an e-mail to psyrixx ( and let him know what is broken.

The more detail you give to him, the more detail he gives to me and the quicker the problem will be fixed.

Jester1405 09.18.04
After an extende hiatus, we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. More music coming soon ...

Also, I've kinda been out of the loop for a while. If anyone wants to help me figure out what music has been released in the last three months, it would be most appreciated.

SilverBrin****1429 06.30.04
Greetings, While Jester gallops accross the country, check out the new dramatic eight minute halo inspired track "The Miracle" submitted by Ultrash. It is a fun adventure. Listen and enjoy! To all of our submitters: Keep the musics coming...I'm your biggest fan!

Jester1220 06.20.04
I just put up Shrike's new song. Other than that, it's been a slow couple weeks.

I'm heading back East for about a month. Hope everyone is enjoying their summers. See ya on the flip side.

Jester1622 06.05.04
Hey all. I'm heading out for a week to be a counselour at our local Muscular Dystrophy Summer Camp. Frantically running around getting little things done that I should have done long ago ... just wanted to get this up before I leave ...

Cannibal Whore Feast added two more pieces to his Oni Pack. As always, they are excellent. I don't really like using this "pack" system, but if I didn't the library would quickly become unmanagable. Someday I'll redesign MPO and streamline everything. But that day is very far away.

Hope everyone has a great week. <3

Jester0323 05.24.04

Hey all. I'm back and I have an insanely massive ... massively insane update for you guys. I got TEN songs in the queue over the last two weeks. THAT'S LIKE ONE A DAY OR SOMETHING!

Cannibal Whore Feast, who is quickly becoming our most productive musician, submitted four Oni tracks! Being a Konoko man myself, this brings great joy to my heart. I mean Cortana is hot and all, but she's like virtually virtual ... a program inside a program. Konoko is only singularly virtual which means I'm slightly less geeky by having a crush on her. Besides, Cortana wont ever be able to wrap her legs around a mans neck and throw them across the room!

Where was I? Oh right ...

He also uploaded a VERY awesome moody Halo inspired piece called Haloesque.

Craig Hardgrove added two more songs to his Marathon remake project. It never ceases to amaze me how many times the original Marathon material can be reworked and still people are adding new awesomeness to it. Alex Seropian truly was THE MAN!

On the more rocking side of things, Fobo uploaded the Eternal Theme.

Ernie over at uploaded Manach's Where Monsters Are In Dreams Theme.

Finally, Pmzukan has a name that is very hard to type quickly. He also uploaded his take on Under Cover of Night. It kicks ass! In fact, all of these kick ass! We shall run them down like grass! Your mom is a fine lass!


SilverBrin****0209 05.19.04
I just finished up a remake of the halo classic "Under Cover Of Night" entitled "Under Cover". Check it out! Come back for a big update in the next few days.

Marty always lists Barber as one of his greatest influences. Samuel Barber in 1936 wrote one of the greatest peices of American music ever in my opinion; Adagio For Strings. He wrote it as a string quartet and later arranged it for a full string orchestra. You may recognize it as the theme for the movies "Platoon" and "The Elephant Man". Download it and enjoy. You just might hear the influences it had on Marty's signature chorale like strings. SB****

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