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Private zoo for APEC wives

Article from: The Sunday Telegraph

By Linda Silmalis

August 26, 2007 12:00am

ANIMALS from Taronga Zoo will be moved to Garden Island so the wives of APEC leaders can have a private viewing away from tourist hordes.

The Sunday Telegraph  can reveal that as their partners deliberate on world affairs,  APEC wives and girlfriends will be whisked to Garden Island on the Saturday of the conference for an exclusive display of Australian wildlife.

Among the animals to be transported from the zoo are snakes, possums, frogs, echidnas, lizards, a baby crocodile, cockatoos and owls.

It is understood the decision to take the animals to Garden Island was made to avoid security chaos at the zoo.

Some of the animals form part of a mobile zoo that is used for corporate events and in outreach programs.

The animal - viewing session will kick off a busy two-day sightseeing tour planned for the partners of the 20 visiting APEC leaders on the weekend of September 8 and 9.

After learning about Australia's wildlife, the spouses will enjoy a scenic cruise around Sydney Harbour.

The cruise will end at Admiralty House, where the spouses will participate in another tour before rejoining their partners for a lavish dinner at the Sydney Opera House.

The evening's entertainment will feature a 45-minute performance involving about 200 performers, including singer Christine Anu and pianist Simon Tedeschi.

The Australian-themed showcase will also include acts by the Flying Fruit Fly Circus, the Bangarra Dance company and the Australian Ballet.

The night will conclude with a New Year's Eve-style fireworks display, with the APEC logo lighting up the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

On Sunday, the APEC wives, girlfriends and partners will travel by a special bus to Sydney's famous Bondi Beach, where they will have lunch at the exclusive Icebergs restaurant.

From the oceanfront vantage point of the trendy restaurant, the partners will watch the Festival of the Winds _ a kite show that attracts thousands to the beach every year.

A special exhibition by local surf lifesavers will also take place at the southern end of Bondi Beach.
The exhibition will include board-paddling, surfboat and nipper beach flag races.

Parts of the popular Bondi-to-Bronte walk near Icebergs will be diverted during the lunch session.

There will also be restricted vehicle access to Knotts Ave, where the Icebergs restaurant is situated.

However, sources involved in the organisation of the APEC luncheon say the Icebergs club and its famous swimming pool will remain open to the public during the function.

Laura Bush, the wife of US President George W. Bush, will not be among the APEC partners who will participate in the spouses' program as she is unfit to travel.

Professor Peter Davis, the husband of New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark, and Prime Minister JohnHoward's wife, Janette, will also participate in the APEC spouses' program.

Other partners who will fly to Sydney include Ani Bambang Yudhoyono, the wife of Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Private show... Animals from Taronga Zoo will be moved to Garden Island so APEC wives can view them without being annoyed by tourists

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Latest Comments:

Think, just think, how many beds could have been put in hospitals, how many road blackspots fixed, how many extra trains and buses could have built for the millions we are blowing on this APEC nonsense. Ordinary Aussies being locked out of the CBD, businesses losing millions because of a forced public holiday. It is a joke.

Posted by: Jack of Padstow 3:12pm August 28, 2007

Australians are turning into a bunch of whingers. Totally agree with 'ap of sydney'. This APEC meeting will probably mean many extra billions for the Australian economy, which equates to more jobs, higher economic growth and many other benefits. If Australia and capitalism are so bad, then please move to communist North Korea, Cuba or China and see how far your whinging will get you in those places.

Posted by: Habs of Central Coast of 5:01pm August 27, 2007

Mr Howard - Justify spending so much money and causing so much distruption when we the public could name thousands of other things the millions of dollars going to APEC could be better spent on.

Posted by: Spidey of Central Coast 7:59am August 27, 2007

I am absolutely outrageous about moving animals from Taronga zoo to Garden Green. Do they know animal suffer shock, depression when transfer from one to another place that they are not familiar with? The more I read each day the more I preferred animal over human

Posted by: of 9:43pm August 26, 2007

Why bother with the animals a day with our Politicians would be as good as seeing the monkeys preforming.

Posted by: Lola of Tassie of Tas 9:31pm August 26, 2007

I think its a JOKE.....Where is my private tour as well ???

Posted by: susan coorey of sydney 6:19pm August 26, 2007

I'm well and truly over APEC, 2 weeks before its even begun!

Posted by: AFR of 6:07pm August 26, 2007

What a bunch of whingers! Key international decisionmakers are in Sydney presenting an opportunity for us to showcase what Australia can do. People often appear to lose sight of the big picture. Mind you many of the contributions forwarded on this article do provide further evidence for why voting should be noncompulsory.

Posted by: matilda the drovers dog of freo 6:04pm August 26, 2007

There is a rich irony in that the APEC folk have to be so cosseted and protected from the dangers of a society , dangers which largely they themselves have created .

Posted by: Don R of Sydney 5:37pm August 26, 2007

I plead guilty to not knowing much about nuclear but I've read that nuclear power plants require mega amounts of WATER. Where is the water going to come from? I would be pleased for someone far more knowledgable than myself to provide details.

Posted by: SAG of SE Qld 5:17pm August 26, 2007
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