Please send ULFAR money in Post by TNT post delivery!

(Please use cheque or paper money in envelope and hand it to TNT post Delivery):

(Give TNT posts delivery the following address information):

(Do not reveal that you are sending money or cheque with TNT Delivery):


(It is not legal to send money with TNT post Delivery):


Why not? TNT is not a Bank!


But money cheque or paper money is for personal and private use!


So keep your mouth shut and say you are sending normal or multiple Letters only!


Doing so then you have not done any crime that you can be punished for in court of justice!


At last, it is not their god damn business if you are sending money or not!

You and I are those who are responsible if the money get lost!

Based on that fact then you can send money to me as you want!


No one can harm me by sending letter due to that I have defense system for such security at home!


Even if it is a bomb, anthrax or something else!


Good luck and thanks for the money!



    Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson,

    Mezkalna iela 14 k-1,





Please call me in following phone number before post delivery if possible! 00-371-28887297


Here is information on how to send money direct into my bank account. Please ask for receipt as evidence that the wire transaction has gone through!


Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson identical number from Icelandic passport. 041266-5549.


Latvian bank account S.W.I.F.T. HABA LV 22, LV70HABA000151A213063.

Icelandic bank account SWIFT: ISBAISRE - IBAN: IS570513262412660412665549.


Thank you again!