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Lucasfilm Ltd.

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Big Rock Ranch
Lucasfilm, Ltd.
County of Marin, CA

Completion: August 2002
Size: 317,000 sf

Client Requirements:

  • Create design responsive to over 200 conditions and restrictions.

  • Translate program into usable and beautiful design.

    As Owner’s Representative, CMA is providing comprehensive development services for Big Rock Ranch in Marin County from entitlements through construction and furnishings. The project is situated on 43 acres of a 1,061 acre parcel and consists of a Main Office Building, Commons Building, Archives/ Maintenance Building, Gate House, reservoir, below grade parking facilities, and related infrastructure. The total area amounts to 317,000 sf.

    The project is being developed in an environmentally and community sensitive manner. The wetlands and streams will be enhanced, wildlife protected, trails established and habitats preserved. The buildings have been designed in a Frank Lloyd Wright architectural style and comply with Green Building standards.

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    CMA :: Big Rock Ranch Site Plan
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