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Lamb of God

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So, how black do you like your metal? Virginia's Lamb of God pull out all the thrash gimmicks: double-time kick drums, twin-guitar assaults, grunting vocals, apocalyptic visions of mankind's end, etc. But unlike many of their overreaching, Slipknot-influenced contemporaries, Lamb of God deliver a meticulously crafted metal assault. Songs such as "Ruin" start off at a fast chug, then build momentum through an escalating series of guitar solos. Singer Randy Blythe seems content to fade into the intricate wall of noise, growling and shrieking his dark mantras from inside the mix. One exception: a spoken-word anti-Bush tirade in the midst of "Blood Junkie." Can't wait for that Dixie Chicks cover.

(From RS 924, June 12, 2003)

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FuckTheWhiteStripes writes:

5of 5 Stars

"Slipknot influenced"? This guy needs to pull his head out of his ass. Rolling Stone reviews are a joke. The magazine went from being edgy to being the most trendy piece of shit ever (and that includes People Magazine etc.)

Aug 31, 2006 13:22:44

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