Quote: Posted 01/22/07 11:02 (GMT) by Autumn Bard

Obviously it has to be done mathematically, so a cross-referenced multiple category relationship scale would seem to be best, that way many aspects of what makes role-playing interesting would be preserved. What i mean is it tallies quest choices, conversation choices, adhering to alignment, gift-giving, letting the NPC do a task in the PC's stead, agreeing to go on a side quest for the NPC, anything else they come up with, and scale it to fit what the specific NPC finds more important with each category counting for something.

Please keep in mind that Dragon Age does not use alignment, so "adhering to alignment" can't factor into the NPC relationship. But otherwise, yes, those are all things that the game tracks with regard to your party members. And they can be greatly upset by the things you do, sufficiently that they'll leave the party. They won't just be okay with anything you decide.