Quote: Posted 05/04/07 21:40 (GMT) by Inhuman one
I dont expect bioware to make such mistakes though. I do hope that the dialogue options will be better. Evil doenst need to be childish and chaotic like it often was in KOTOR, and good shouldnt mean that you give all your money away at every chance you get.

I personly pictured sith as more intelligent evil, but sometimes it really felt like I was playing with an ogre that wants to smash skulls and cares only about money instead of playing with a sithlord.

That's because alignment was a game element. Once you do that, you have to put in options to change alignment (or in KotOR's case, change the dark side/light side meter) in every quest and dialogue. So you always have to have a "good option" and "evil option" even if they don't fit the situation.

We don't have alignment in DA, so it's not even a consideration. I don't write my dialogue trying to think, "is this a good evil option?" Instead we focus on what the logical options are for any given situation and try to keep in ming what someone who is altruistic might think to do and what someone might do if they didn't care about the morality of the situation. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But we leave the motivations up to you the player.

Quote: Maybe dialogue options could change according to character status though. someone intelligent might word things differently than someone that already has trouble pronouncing their own name.

We've done "dumb dialogue" once already, and it was a lot of work for very little gain. While we do occasionally include "smart options" in dialogue for players, including different ways of saying things solely for the purpose of sounding different is the same level of purely aesthetic choice as the dumb dialogue, in my opinion... which is to say it's nice on occasion, just for flavor, but not something I would ever again include consistently as a feature.