The Grey Album is an art project/experiment that uses the full vocal content of Jay-Z's Black Album recorded over new beats and production made using the Beatles White Album as the sole source material. Danger Mouse insists he can explain and prove that all the music on the Grey Album can be traced back to the White Album and its musical content via sampling. Every kick, snare, and chord is taken from the Beatles White Album and is in their original recording somwhere.
"Grey Tuesday" Civil Disobedience Planned February 24th Against Copyright Cartel

DOWNHILL BATTLE (February 19, 2004) --
A coalition of websites will join in an online protest to offer free downloads of a critically acclaimed album that is being censored by a lawsuit threat from EMI Records. The action is an act of civil disobedience against a copyright regime that routinely suppresses musical innovation. /The Grey Album/, which remixes Jay-Z’s /Black Album/ and the Beatles' /White Album/, has been hailed as a innovative hip-hop triumph, but EMI sent cease-and-desist letters to any record store that stocked it. This Tuesday ("Grey Tuesday") a group of sites will offer free downloads of the Grey Album, and turn their pages grey, to take a stand against a copyright regime that serves neither musicians nor the public interest.

"Grey Tuesday will be the first protest of its kind," said Downhill Battle co-founder Holmes Wilson, "The major record labels have turned copyright law into a weapon, but participants in this action will be ignoring EMI's threats and insisting on the public's right to hear innovative new music.”

“EMI isn’t looking for compensation, they’re trying to ban a work of art,” said Downhill Battle’s Rebecca Laurie. “The record industry has become a huge drag on creativity and it’s only getting worse--it's time to take a stand.”

The Grey Album has been widely shared on filesharing networks such as Kazaa and Soulseek, and has garnered critical acclaim in Rolling Stone (which called it “the ultimate remix record” and “an ingenious hip-hop record that sounds oddly ahead of its time”), the New Yorker, the Boston Globe (which called it the “most creatively captivating” album of the year), and other major news outlets.

“It’s clear that this work devalues neither of the originals. There is no legitimate artistic or economic reason to ban this record—this is just arbitrary exertion of control,” said Nicholas Reville, Downhill Battle co-founder. “The framers of the constitution created copyright to promote innovation and creativity. A handful of corporations have radically perverted that purpose for their own narrow self interest, and now the public is fighting back.”

The reporters and news outlets that reviewed the Grey Album have obtained it illegally from filesharing networks. “If music reviewers have to break the law to hear new, innovative music, then something has gone wrong with the law,” said Laurie.

“Remixes and pastiche are a defining aesthetic of our era. How will artists continue to work if corporations can outlaw what they do?” said Reville. “Artists, writers, and musicians have always borrowed and built upon each other's work– now they have to answer to corporate legal teams.”
01 Public Service Announcement
02 What More Can I Say
03 Encore
04 December 4th
05 99 Problems
06 Dirt Off Your Shoulders
07 Moment of Clarity
08 Change Clothes
09 Allure
10 Justify My Thug
11 Interlude
12 My 1st Song