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Release Date:
28th June 2007

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Triumph Studios


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Overlord Fix 4 Weeks Away

Posted on 19th August 2007 by Jason Julier
(Source: Codemasters)

For Brewery Issue.

Overlord players stuck because of the well known Brewery bug issue, will have to wait at least four more weeks for the problem to be resolved.

The latest update via the Codemasters forum reads as follows:

"Many thanks for your continued patience in waiting for the Xbox 360 update, to include a fix for the Brewery Issue.

I've been reliably informed that we expect this update will be available within the next four weeks.   We'll be able to confirm a live date once the code is approved, projected to be early next month.

If the timescale for this amended (for whatever reason) I'll let you know straight away, although at present any further hold-up seems unlikely.

Again, Codemasters is very sorry to those of you who have been waiting for this update."

The Brewery Issue is a real shame, as Overlord is one of the most enjoyable releases we've played in 2007, but for most owners that enjoyment has been cut short thanks to the bug.

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