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Century 21 Exposition -- Forward Into the Past!

This is a Cybertourof the Century 21 Exposition, better known as the Seattle World's Fair of 1962. It was written by Alan J. Stein and designed by Chris Goodman.

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Point 1: A Moving Experience
The length of the monorail is a mere 1.2 miles long, but plans are already being discussed to extend the track all the way to Sea-Tac Airport. Since the Monorail can achieve speeds of up to 70 miles an hour, it's likely that gridlock and traffic jams will be a distant memory by the year 2001.

We may not even need roads at all. Bubblecars may be the standard form of transit, along with personal helicopters and jetpacks. For now, we'll have to keep using our legs, so step off the Monorail once you arrive at the World's Fair, and get ready for lots of walking.

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Seattle Monorail with Space Needle, ca. 1962