WWE Raw Results 6-21-2004, Live from Miami Florida
    Submitted by Steven "Rommel" Schaeffer on Monday, June 21, 2004 at 11:11 PM EST

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    Last week on Raw, the video package detailed, Eugene was booked in a number one’s contender match for the World Heavy Championship against Triple H. The Cerebral Assassin convinced the special talent that he was his friend. Of course, you know all this because you read my report every week right? The standard opening followed, with some hype for the main event by JR and the King. The Great One surprisingly opened the show with an appearance, coming to ringside to a great ovation. The Rock had goose bumps, because finally… He introduced his family including his beautiful wife who was seated in the first row. Also in attendance were Zack Thomas, Jason Taylor and a number of football players from Rock’s college. He very playfully taunted the players, claiming to be their friend. He announced that in the back he has another friend, Eugene. He was about to call Eugene down to give him some advice about Triple H, but Randy Orton interrupted. The Intercontinental Champion, wearing a suit, said that Eugene was not yet here. Triple H arrived at the airport to escort him to the arena personally. Randy claims he is glad to be in the ring with the Rock, because though he defeated The Rock and Sock Connection at Wrestlemania XX they have never had a chance to talk. Orton called Rocky yesterday’s news because there were a new third generation superstar who was younger, hipper and better looking. Rocky says he remembers Orton’s father and grandparents in the wrestling business, all of whom had their proverbial backsides kicked by his father and grandfather. Rock even claimed that he remembers meeting a young Randy Orton, playing with a My Little Pony doll, and promising Cowboy Orton that he would kick his son’s candy ass. A challenge was issued, but Orton had a match later tonight. Rock did not seem to care, and an assault of right hands took the Intercontinental Champion over the top rope and out of the ring. Eric Bishoff arrived, to have security escort the People’s Champion from the building. Rocky complied peacefully, but not quietly. On the way out he made fun of the four short security guards, commented that it was no wonder WCW went under, called Tomko a member of the Fab 5, pulled the wig from Molly’s head, greeted his friend the hamburger and grimace, insulted Coach and finally issued another challenge for Orton. Orton screamed for him to finally leave, when the Rock gave him three seconds. A three-count later and Edge speared Orton, having entered the ring from the crowd.

    In Bishoff’s office, Uncle Eric briefed a security guard that the Rock could not be allowed to return. Chris Benoit entered the office, requesting that Eugene did not need to get in the middle of things. He offered Hunter a shot whenever he wanted. Eric replied that this was not Benoit’s business, and threatened to have him thrown out should Chris interfere. The new Women’s Champion, with Tyson Tomko, was set for action against Victoria. The former Women’s Champion gained and early advantage but was distracted by Tomko. Trish worked over the mid-section of Victoria with kicks, taunting Vickie after each strike. She even mimicked Victoria’s standing moonsault, but took too long and was nearly pinned with a roll up. Trish hit a spine buster, but Victoria regained momentum and proceeded to work Trish over with power moves and clotheslines. She knocked Trish out with a straight side kick, and even hit a top rope moonsault. Tomko pulled Trish out of the pin, though, distracting Victoria again. Trish rolled her up and held onto the ropes for the cheap heel victory. Trish defeated Victoria via pin fall to retain the WWE Women’s Championship. After the match, Trish went to work over Victoria when a transvestite ran in from the crowd to pull her to safety. All involved looked legitimately confused as to whether or not this was a fan or part of the show. JR called what was obviously man in drag a women, and seemed confused as well. Some clips of the choosing of the finalists for the Diva Search followed.

    A vignette of Kane’s attack on Shawn Michaels was shown. His condition was updated to worked injury, that is to say nothing sustainable was said. In Eric’s office, Eric was reading some papers when William Regal came to ask why this match with Hunter was made. Eric Bishoff says he does not have to explain himself to anyone. Regal begged that he simply fire the boy, but Bishoff says he needs to get him to quit. William argued the point that he’s become hugely successful; why not use him instead of destroying him. He reminded the world that he is scum, but he loves the boy and Eric should too. Eric reminded the world that he should, but Eugene embarrasses him. He complimented the job Regal has done with Eugene, and relieves him the position by promoting him to the active roster. His return match is next. I guessed Kane.

    A short segment aired that was nothing more than a squash match. You see, I guessed right. William Regal was in the ring in his street clothes to be knocked unconscious by a kick to the head from Kane. William Regal and Kane wrestled to a no-contest, though there was no bell.

    In Bishoff’s office, Eric complimented that Kane was a professional. He reminded Kane that Hunter would face the Heavyweight Champion, but that might be Kane. A match between Kane and Chris Benoit for the belt was made for next week on Raw. Kane said that Eric hadn’t seen anything yet. The WWE Diva search was detailed, with the first round being narrowed down. The ten o’clock semi-main event was Evolution’s Batista and Randy Orton taking on Edge and Chris Jericho in tag team action. Edge and Orton started the match, with Edge firmly in control. Randy took him to the corner though, to bring in the greatly improved Batista. He overpowered Edge, until Jericho got the tag to take Orton outside and work over Batista with his speed. He hit the lionsault for a near fall, but Orton broke up the pin. Edge and Jericho worked in tandem to take both heels out of the ring, but Batista returned to crush Jericho with a clothesline. As we went to commercial the officials were attending to Jericho, who was apparently knocked unconscious.

    When the show returned from break, the match had resumed without Chris Jericho who was unable to compete followed the clothesline. Edge elected to continue the match alone. From here it was all Evolution, with Edge getting just enough hope spots to match the match interesting. Finally Edge’s efforts paid off, knocking Orton down with a clothesline and working Batista over with a pair of dropkicks and a spear in the corner. He stacked both men in the corner and speared them together. He tossed Batista over the tope rope in a botched spot, and speared Orton. He nearly had the pin, but Batista broke it up. Batista delivered a sit down power bomb, and Edge was cut open hard way under the eye. Orton pulled Edge to his feet, said this was a bad move by Edge, and hit the RKO for the victory. Evolution defeated Edge and Chris Jericho via pin fall. More of the Diva Search was shown, with the bikini competition and the unique talent round.

    How long have I been writing the Raw Recap for LordsofPain.net? Do you know the average expected duration of a reporter is on the Internet? I feel Howard Finkle, still around because no one remembers I am here and therefore do not get fired. Anyway! Backstage Stacy Kiebler was walking aimlessly when she bumped into Matt Hardy. She was ecstatic about Lita’s recent pregnancy, and Matt confided a secret with her. He showed her a ring, and promised to propose to Lita here tonight. Gee Matt, I hope she is not watching the show or anything. The Smackdown! Rebound! aired. Eugene arrived with Triple H and Ric Flair, wearing all the Evolution Nazi gear he received last week. Eugene did a quick Flair impersonation and Triple H sent Eugene to dress in their lock room, and he and Ric stalked off happily.

    Matt has been ecstatic for the past week. Matt talks about Father’s Day, and learning about Lita telling him she is pregnant. He invites her down to the ring. He tells his girl that he loves her, and proposes. This did not go well the last time, if I remember correctly. Kane interrupts via TitanTron, saying she has something to tell Matt. He tells him instead, and announces that Lita’s baby is in fact his. Hardy explodes, but Kane prompts Matt to ask Lita. She confirms it with some bad acting, and Matt loses his mind with some slightly better acting.

    Matt was living the arena, and Lita caught up with him begging for forgiveness, claiming she did Kane to protect him. She brings into question that the baby might be his. Someone call Maury, I smell paternity test. The final contestants being chosen for the WWE Diva search was shown. Eugene was warming up and Evolution came to their locker room to greet him. Eugene wondered where William Regal was, but Evolution told him not to worry. Hunter got Eugene to promise not to hurt him, because he was still banged up over his Hell in the Cell match. Eric Bishoff entered, to wish Eugene luck. Hunter yelled at him, claiming no one in the room was buying it. Trips said he wasn’t going to slaughter Eugene, and that Eugene was now with Evolution. He sent Eugene out to the ring so he could continue his conversation with the General Manager. When Eugene did leave, the five all had a big laugh together.

    The big main event was next, with Hunter even inviting Eugene to emulate his favorite wrestler’s entrance. They shake hands and the match begins. A hip toss by Hunter takes Eugene down, and they shake hands again. This time Eugene gets the hip toss. Hunter was not amused. Hammerlock by HHH into a headlock, but Eugene powers out of it. Hunter seems surprised. Eugene calls for a test of strength, which the Game reluctantly agrees to. The super human strength of Hunter soon has Hunter on his knees in the ropes. Flair jumps onto the ring apron, and he feels the effect with another innocent test of strength. HHH takes a new route, some chain wrestling which Eugene gets the better of. Hunter rolls to the outside, rethinking the situation.

    When the match returned Eugene was firmly in control with some old school wrestling. Hunter finally took control by whining that Eugene hurt his hand, and he decked him. From here on in, Triple H destroyed the special young talent with even Flair aiding in the assault. Then, Eugene began to Hulk up. He landed his punches to atomic drop sequence and gave Triple H the air plane spin. The splash from the top got a near fall. Hunter tried for the pedigree, but ate a back body drop and a Rock bottom. Flair interfered before the autistic elbow. Eugene dealt with Flair, proving he has not watched enough wrestling after all, before succumbing to a pedigree from a revived Triple H. Hunter had the pin, but Eric came out to announce that he did not book the match for Eugene to lose but for Eugene to have the hell beaten out of him. Hunter went to grab a steel chair, and Chris Benoit ran out to make the save. He took out Evolution with a chair, accidentally hitting Eugene in the process. While he attended his fallen friend, Hunter sneaked up and delivered a pedigree. The special young talent and the World Heavyweight Champion were left unconscious at the end of the show, while Evolution celebrated. Triple H and Eugene wrestled to a no contest.


    Match Results
    Trish defeated Victoria via pin fall to retain the WWE Women’s Championship
    William Regal and Kane wrestled to a no-contest, though there was no bell
    Evolution defeated Edge and Chris Jericho via pin fall
    Triple H and Eugene wrestled to a no contest

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