WWF Raw Results
    Submitted by JARO on Monday, October 8, 2001 at 11:19 PM EST

    WWF RAW, October 8th, 2001
    Live from Indianapolis, Indiana.
    Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman.

    After missing a week due to rehabilitations from my spinal surgery, I'm back here and ready to bring to all of you, the results for perhaps the biggest RAW in history!

    Raw Opener:
    They show clips from Smackdown. They show Rob Van Dam defeating Kurt Angle and then William Regal sanctioning the WWF Championship match for the evening. As most of you already know, Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle Part III will take place tonight for the WWF Championship. All Alliance members will be barred from ringside by order of Commissioner William Regal. Since this feud began, we've seen milk trucks, gold medals, wading pools, controversial decisions and two one-on-one matches. Tonight on RAW, the third time could be the charm. As well, the Hardy Boyz vs. Booker T and Test for the WCW Tag Team Championships has been signed for tonight's show. The RAW pyros go off.

    More pyros hit the stage and here come the Dudley Boyz with Stacy Keibler, who is in some very interesting Dudley Boyz attire.

    A heartbeat and then a flatliner. Their tag team partner is Tazz.

    Tajiri's music hits and here come their first opponent, Tajiri accompanied by Torrie Wilson.

    Last but not least. Welllll....it's the Big Show and Spike Dudley!

    The Dudley Boyz and Tazz vs. Tajiri, The Big Show and Spike Dudley
    Referee: Teddy Long

    Everyone in the ring is going at and then Tazz knocks down Spike with a clothesline and everyone goes to their corners. D-Von and Spike start off. D-Von with a scoop slam to Spike and then D-Von goes up top for a leg drop but Spike moves out of the way. D-Von tags Tazz and Spike tags Big Show. Show with clotheslines to Tazz and then scoop slams to Tazz and Bubba. Big Show goes to double chokeslam the Dudley Boyz but the referee is distracted by Stacy and Tazz is able to hit Show with a low blow. The Dudleys clothesline Show out of the ring. Show makes the blind tag to Tajiri and Tajiri comes up from behind and hits Tazz with a stiff kick to the face for the win.
    Winners: Tajiri, The Big Show and Spike Dudley

    After the match:
    The Dudley Boyz attack the Big Show on the outside and then head in the ring to get Tajiri. Spike Dudley tries to interfere and goes for the Dudley Dog on Bubba Ray but is thrown to the outside of the ring. As the Dudleys kick down Tajiri, Stacy Keibler laughs at him. Torrie heads in the ring to confront Stacy but the Dudleys grab Torrie. Tazz chokes Tajiri out with a cross-face chicken wing and holds Tajiri in the corner as Bubba Ray grabs Torrie. D-Von heads outside the ring and grabs a table. D-Von sets the table up in the ring. Bubba heads up to the top rope as D-Von passes Torrie to Bubba. Tajiri is forced to watch as he is trapped in the clutches of Tazz as Torrie Wilson is powerbombed through the table by Bubba Ray Dudley. Bubba Ray sits there with a euphoric look as Torrie lies at the site of the broken table, motionless.


    They show EMTs and Tajiri checking on Torrie Wilson's condition.

    In the ring:
    My Time hits and here comes Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. Stephanie tells everyone to stop their applause. She says after witnessing after what just happened to Torrie Wilson, she says BIG DEAL. She says Torrie only went through a table, she was pulverized by Chris Jericho 2 weeks ago on Smackdown. She says Torrie got what was coming to her but she was an innocent victim. They show the footage of Stpehanie getting numerous attacks in the match between Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho on Smackdown. She says she knows that they admire her for her speedy recovery and after 2 weeks she's back! The crowd booes. She says she feels like she could do anything, and what she wants to do is watch Stone Cold Steve Austin defeat Kurt Angle and once again become the WWF Champion. She says she is so proud of Austin and..

    5..4..3..2..1..here comes "Y2J", Chris Jericho who makes his way down to the ring and steps inside the ring and circles around Stephanie. Jericho says it's so good to see her again, he's so happy that she's okay. Jericho asks what she was saying? She feels like she can do anybody? Jericho says that she said she was on her back, no wait he means that she got back..no wait..that she has back..well those too. And speaking of "two"..Jericho points to Stephanie's breasts but..

    Here comes the money! Shane McMahon's music hits and Shane comes to the ring. Shane says for years Jericho has been making fun of his sister and he has sat there doing nothing. Shane says he does that because Jericho is hilarious! Shane says he loves how Jericho calls Stephanie a filthy-disgusting-bottomfeeding-trashbag-ho. Shane says he figured that Jericho had run out of jokes by now but he keeps coming up with new stuff. Shane gives him credit for being funny. Stephanie says he's not funny. Shane says that Jericho just tries to come up with new funny things to say and entertain the crowd. He says that Jericho has never gone for any of the big gold so Jericho is nothing more than a choke artist. Stephanie laughs at Jericho and says he IS just a choke artist. Jericho says Shane is funny, but why doesn't he and his sister tag up for the first time against Jericho in a handicap match and then Jericho can put his hands around both of their necks and REALLY show them why he's a choke artist. Stephanie says she knows Jericho would love to put his hands on her body, but she doesn't have to go into the match if she doesn't want to..and she doesn't. Instead, Stephanie tells him that he'll be going up against a man who has beaten him over and over and that's ROB..VAN..DAM! Jericho says he'll need a formidable opponent then. Jericho picks someone who has something Shane and Steph don't have...the WCW Championship. Jericho tells them that tonight it will be Shane McMahon and Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho and The Rock! He tells them to choke on that, assclowns!

    Booker, Test and RVD are shown backstage and Booker congratulates RVD for his success but tonight he has his work cut out for him against The Rock. Booker says he would have beat Angle for Austin if he was given the chance because he's the 5-time WCW Champion! Rob Van Dam says he can't believe Booker lost the WCW Championship 5 times. He says he doesn't need to be Booker T because he's ROB..VAN..DAM! RVD leaves and Booker looks very angry. Test tells Booker to chill out, it's cool.


    CAN YOU DIG IT SUCKA?! Here comes the co-holder of the WCW Tag Team Championships, Booker T!

    Test..Test..this is a Test. Here comes the second co-holder.

    And here come the challengers, accompanied by Lita, the Hardy Boyz!

    WCW Tag Team Championship:Booker T and Test (c) vs. The Hardy Boyz
    Referee: Charles Robinson

    The Hardys climb the turnbuckles for their entrance poses but Test and Booker pull them off the ropes. Matt and Jeff are able to hit Test with a double suplex but then Test with a hard knockdown to Matt. Booker with a cheap shot to Matt from the apron and then Test with the tilt-a-whirl slam. Test tags in Booker and then Booker with a knee drop for a 2 count. Booker tags Test back in and Test boots Matt down in the corner. Matt with a reverse elbow but Test sets Matt up on the top rope. Matt hits Test with a DDT from the top rope and both men make tags. Jeff is in and knocks down Booker with right hands. Jeff with his double leg low blow to Booker. Jeff with the cover but Test breaks the count. Booker hits Jeff with the Book-End but Lita interferes and hits Booker with a Hurricanrana. Matt hits Booker with the Twist of Fate but Test knocks down Matt with a clothesline. Test then goes for the Big Boot on Matt but Lita holds his leg. Test heads outside to go after Lita and the referee follows him. Test knocks down the ref and then harshly tosses Lita over the barricade. Matt goes outside to deal with Test as Jeff and Booker are getting up in the ring. The Undertaker then heads down to the ring and comes up behind Booker. Taker hits Booker with the Last Ride! Jeff Hardy then goes up top and hits Booker with the Swanton Bomb. Jeff with the cover and the win.
    Winners and New WCW Tag Team Champions: The Hardy Boyz


    Moments Ago:
    They show clips of the Hardy Boyz winning the WCW Tag Team Championships, giving the assist to the Undertaker! The Hardy Boyz then celebrate on the top of the ramp.

    Test asks Booker where Taker came from. Booker asks Test if he saw that man. Booker says that ever since he came to the WWF he's been disrespected. Booker says he will take out the most respected guy here and that's the Undertaker. He says that will get him some respect, and can you dig that?

    Lita is shown leaving the Hardys locker room and runs into Hurricane and Molly. Molly points out how she and the Hardys needed the Undertaker's help to win the WCW Tag Team Championships. Molly says cheaters never win, and winners never cheat. So face Mighty Molly and you will taste defeat. Molly asks if Lita is up for the challenge and Lita says she'll accept alright. Hurricane asks "What's up wit dat!?"


    Christian! CHRISTIAN! At last you're on your own. Guess who it is, your WWF Intercontinental Champion is not scheduled to compete but is on his way to the ring. A ladder match has been scheduled between Edge and Christian at No Mercy for the Intercontinental Championship! Christian makes his way to the commentary position.

    Rhyno's music hits and out comes Rhyno to defend his title.

    WCW U.S. Championship: Rhyno (c) vs. Edge
    Referee: Nick Patrick

    Rhyno and Edge lock up and Rhyno sends Edge into the turnbuckle and then a running shoulder block to Edge. Rhyno boots Edge down on the mat and then chokes Edge along the bottom rope. Edge is back up with a spinning heel kick and then picks Rhyno back up. Rhyno fights back with right hands and then knocks Edge to the outside. Rhyno then tosses Edge back into the ring and a hair takeover to Edge and then a leg drop to Edge for a 2 count. Rhyno sets Edge up for The Gore and Christian holds Edge's leg. Edge pulls Christian up on the apron and then Rhyno goes for The Gore but misses and hits Christian! Edge with a reverse DDT to Rhyno for a 2 count. Rhyno with right hands to Edge and then whips Edge into a powerbomb for a 2 count. As they struggle to their feet Edge hits Rhyno with his Buzzkiller DDT! Edge goes for the cover but Christian pulls Edge out of the ring. The referee calls for the bell.
    Winner via Disqualification: Edge

    After the match:
    Christian hammers Edge on the outside and then tosses Edge back in the ring to Rhyno. Rhyno goes for The Gore but misses and runs into the turnbuckle. Christian then goes to smash Edge with a steel chair but Edge hits Christian with a Spear! Christian then rolls out of the ring as Edge stands triumphant.

    Shane McMahon and Rob Van Dam are shown in the back on their way to the ring.


    Rob Van Dam's music hits and here comes the Hardcore champ!

    Here comes the money! Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring now.

    5..4..3..2..1! Here he is once again, "Y2J" Chris Jericho!

    If ya smell..what The Rock..IS COOKIN! Here comes the WCW Champion, THE ROCK!

    Rob Van Dam and Shane McMahon vs. Chris Jericho and The Rock
    Referee: Tim White

    Rock and RVD start off. They lock up. Rock powers RVD into the corner but RVD reverses and kicks Rock down. Rock whips RVD to the other corner but RVD flips up over the turnbuckle. RVD hops back down into a clothesline from The Rock! RVD makes the tag to Shane and Shane is in with right hands to The Rock but Rock reverses into right hands of his own and grabs Shane by the hair as Rock tags Jericho. Jericho with knife-edge chops to Shane in the corner and then shoulder knock-downs to Shane. Jericho pounds Shane on the mat and then more knife-edge chops to Shane. Shane runs off the ropes and walks into a back body drop. Jericho goes for the Lionsault but RVD kicks Jericho from the apron and then Shane tags RVD. RVD knocksdown Jericho and then hits Rolling Thunder for a 2 count. RVD beats Jericho's head off the turnbuckle and then tags Shane. RVD distracts the referee as Shane boots down Jericho in the corner and then Shane with a reverse elbow for a 2 count. Shane with arrogant right hands to Jericho and then Shane whips Jericho off the ropes. Jericho is able to hit Shane with an enzuguri and both men are down. Rock and RVD get the tags. Rock with numerous right hands to RVD and then a hip toss to RVD. Rock locks the Sharpshooter on RVD but Shane from behind the Rock with a clothesline. RVD and Shane send Rock to the outside but Jericho hits Shane with a bulldog! Jericho tosses Shane outside and then RVD goes for the baseball slide on Jericho who is now on the outside. Jericho reverses into the Walls of Jericho but Shane is able to hit Jericho with a bulldog onto the steel ring steps! Rock chases Shane around the ring and then into the ring. RVD hits Rock with a roundhouse and then goes for the Five-Star Frog Splash. RVD misses and both men are down. Rock figths back RVD with right hands and Shane is in now. Rock hits Shane with a Spinebuster and goes for the People's Elbow. RVD intervenes and hits Rock with a heel kick. Rock and RVD fight at each other with right hands until Rock is able to hit RVD with a Rock Bottom! Rock goes for the cover on RVD but Shane is able to break up the count. Rock grabs Shane but Jericho is back in the ring now with a steel chair. Jericho's face is covered in blood and it's obvious Jericho can't see very well. Jericho, perhaps accidentally, blasts Rock with a steel chair and Shane takes Jericho to the outside. RVD rolls over onto Rock for the 3 count.
    Winners: Rob Van Dam and Shane McMahon


    They show RVD and Shane celebrating with Steph and other numerous members of the Alliance. A huge RVD chant arises between the Alliance. They walk right past the locker room of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    WWF New York
    They show clips of Sunday Night HEAT with Chris Benoit's interview. Benoit says if it's Angle vs. Austin, straight-up here tonight..Angle will definitly win.

    Lance Storm and Ivory are shown at WWF New York. Storm says Benoit does not speak for all Canadians and he ensures that Austin will win tonight. Ivory starts screaming at the booing fans at WWF New York. Storm says Austin will definitly win.

    Moments Ago:
    They show clips of Jericho blasting Rock with a chair, costing them the match. Then they show the EMTs checking on Jericho. Rock comes in and asks Jericho if he is okay. Rock tells Jericho he made a huge mistake. Jericho says he was just trying to win the match. Jericho says everyone makes mistakes, even The Rock. Rock says he owns up to his mistakes like a man but he just wanted to see if Jericho was okay. Rock leaves and Jericho asks the EMT what the hell Rock wants from him. Rock overhears Jericho say that and comes back and asks what Jericho is talking about, he's the one who made the mistake and cost them the match. Jericho says maybe he should have blasted Rock with the chair instead. Rock tells Jericho he can't talk to the People's Champion like that and then Jericho asks why doesn't he knock the people's eyebrow right off the people's face! Rock invites Jericho to do that right now and Jericho attacks The Rock. Jericho and Rock are all over each other and beating the hell out of each other until officials break it up! Who smells Chris Jericho vs. The Rock for the WCW Championship at No Mercy?


    Michael Cole is shown outside the locker room of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    Turn it up! Here comes Scotty 2 Hotty!

    YO YOU DEALIN WIT DA X-FACTOR! Here to defend the WWF Light-Heavyweight Championship, it's X-Pac!

    WWF Light-Heavyweight Championship: Scotty 2 Hotty vs. X-Pac (c)
    Referee: Jack Doan

    X-Pac and Scotty lock it up. X-Pac with a side headlock to Scotty and then X-Pac with a shoulder and then headlock takedown. X-Pac taunts Scotty and the crowd booes. The two lock up again and now Scotty with a head lock and a shoulder knockdown. Scotty goes for a front kick and then X-Pac catches his foot and tosses Scotty to the outside. X-Pac charges at Scotty but Scotty pulls down the top rope and X-Pac spills to the outside. X-Pac heads back in and hits Scotty with a roundhouse. X-Pac again taunting the crowd. X-Pac with the cover and the 2 count. X-Pac with a heel kick to Scotty in the corner. Scotty is down and out in the corner. X-Pac looks for the Bronco Buster but Scotty moves. Scotty with a clothesline to X-Pac and then Scotty is able to hit X-Pac with a back body drop. Scotty with the bulldog to X-Pac and then he gets that look in his eye! W-O-R-M! Scotty connects with the Worm and gets a very near fall but X-Pac has his foot on the rope. Scotty sets X-Pac up in the corner and Scotty goes for the 10 punch but as Scotty steps back down, X-Pac is able to hit Scotty with the X-Factor for the win.
    Winner and Still WWF Light-Heavyweight Champion: X-Pac

    Michael Cole is still outside Austin's locker room. Cole says he'll be speaking with Austin shortly but Debra comes out. Debra says Austin doesn't want to talk to Cole, he's changed his mind. Cole is dumbfounded, Austin changed his mind!? Debra asks if she stuttered, she doesn't think she did. She says Austin CHANGED HIS MIND. Debra says Cole can help her though. Debra asks Cole where the Commissioner's office is and Cole shows her where. Debra heads off toward Regal's office.


    Lita is out to the ring now for the Women's Contest.

    Stand back..there's a Hurricane coming through! Out comes Mighty Molly. No Hurricane and no Hardy Boyz at ringside.

    Lita vs. Mighty Molly
    Referee: Jimmy Korderas

    Molly with a right hand to Lita and then a hair takedown. Molly poses and then a cover for a 1 count. Molly with elbows to Lita and then another cover for a 2 count. Molly chokes Lita long the bottom rope and then along the top rope. Molly with a beautiful neckbreaker to Lita for another 2 count. Molly argues with the referee over the nearfall and Lita is able to roll-up Molly with an inside crade for a 2 count. Molly and Lita fight with right hands and Molly with a flapjack to Lita. Molly poses on the turnbuckle and as she steps back down, she runs into a clothesline from Lita. Lita bounces off the rope and Molly goes for a tilt-a-whirl slam on Lita but Lita reverses into a Hurricanrana. As Molly stands back up she offers to shake Lita's hand but Lita clotheslines Molly. Lita with a handspring elbow to Molly. Lita goes for the Twist of Fate on Molly but Molly counters by pushing Lita into the turnbuckle. Molly goes for a suplex on Lita but Lita is able to get down. However Molly is one step ahead and heads behind Lita. Molly rolls-up Lita with a bridge for the win.
    Winner: Mighty Molly

    Hurricane runs down to the ring and celebrates with Molly. He and Molly head backstage to the Hurricycle. Molly says she beat Lita, she really beat her! Hurricane says he is proud and for one night only, the Hurricycle will be called the Molly Mobile! The two of them speed out of the arena in their..uhh..Hurri Davidson.

    Debra is shown in Regal's office asking him if he'll let her to ringside for Austin's match, even though he barred the rest of the Alliance, being she's Austin's wife and all. Regal tells Debra to go bake some cookies instead! Regal says no Alliance owners, Alliance flunkies and especially no Alliance WIVES at ringside. Debra says she's no ordinary wife but Regal sends her on her way telling her it must be a straight-up match and may the better man win!


    Cole is interviewing Kurt Angle in the back. Cole asks if Angle is at all worried about..Angle cuts Cole off. Angle says he's not worried about anything. Angle says at Summerslam, Austin learned that Austin couldn't beat him. He says at Unforgiven, he learned that he sure as hell could beat Austin. Angle says that Austin might have had his hand under the bottom rope, but he gave up to the Ankle Lock! Angle says now Austin has taken a 2-week vacation and wants to come back and take Angle's title? Angle says HELL NO. Angle says the interview is over, now he's going to let his actions speak for him.

    Austin's music hits and here comes the challenger for the huge main event! Stone Cold Steve Austin intimidates Lilian Garcia when he gets into the ring. Austin poses at all corners.

    Debra now makes her way down to the ring, depsite the Commissioner's orders. Debra takes a seat at ringside.


    Regal is down at the ring now and Regal pulls Debra by the ear. Officials escort Debra back to ringside and Regal sits down where Debra was sitting to ensure a fair match. Austin approaches Regal and Austin and Regal get in each other's face.

    Kurt Angle's music hits and here comes the WWF Champion. The main event is underway!

    WWF Championship: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle (c)
    Referee: Earl Hebner

    Austin and Angle fight at the entry ramp until Austin tosses Angle back into the ring. Austin with chops to Angle in the corner but Angle reverses and Angle with right hands of his own to Austin in the corner. Angle sets Austin up for the back body but Austin with a boot to Angle. Angle with more right hands to Austin and then Angle runs off the ropes. Austin catches Angle with the Lou Thesz Press for the 2 count. Austin now bounces off the ropes and gets a Lou Thesz Press from Angle! As Austin gets back up, Angle sets Austin up for the Stunner but Austin counters. Austin tries to hit Angle with the Stunner but Angle counters into the ankle-lock! Austin is able to squirm free and Austin heads outside the ring. Austin pulls Angle by the legs and trips Angle up. As Angle lays on the mat, Austin slams Angle's knee into the ring post. Angle then heads outside and slams Austin's head off the announce table. Austin counters this by whipping Angle shoulder-first into the steel ring post. Austin talks trash to Angle but Angle tosses Austin across the announce table and Austin falls to the concrete fall on the other side of the table. Angle rips up the padding on the floor, exposing more concrete. Angle with shots to Austin but Austin counters with some hard chops. Austin limps around but is still in control of Angle as he bounces Angle's head off the barricade. Austin tosses Angle back in the ring. Angle fights back with right hands but Austin counters with elbows and is able to knock Angle down to the mat. Austin whips Angle into the corner and Austin hard knife-edge chops to Angle in the corner. Angle fights back with more right hands but Austin slides outside the ring and trips Angle up again. Austin now bounces Angle's knee off the ring apron. Austin heads back in the ring and runs off the ropes to knock Angle down with a shoulder knockdown. Austin applies the sleeper to Angle. Angle makes it back to his feet and fights back with elbows but Austin with a violent clothesline to the back of the head of Angle. Austin now chokes Angle along the bottom rope and then a suplex to Angle. Austin steps on Angle's hands. Austin applies yet another sleeper to Angle. Angle is able to recover again with more elbows and this time a clothesline. Angle tries to fight back but Austin with a knee to the abdomen. Austin goes for the Stunner on Angle but Angle reverses with a backslide for a 2 count. Austin with a shot to the back of the head and then more boots to the back of the head of Angle. Angle reverses an irish whip from Austin into a sleeper but Austin counters this with a jaw breaker. Both men are down. As both men are back up they fight with right hands. Austin catches Angle off the ropes with knife-edge chops and Austin with yet another sleeper. Angle backs Austin into the corner but Austin refuses to release the hold. Austin whips Angle off the ropes but Angle is able to hit Austin with a cross-body for a 2 count. Angle with an inside cradle for another 2 count. Angle knocks Austin down with a clothesline but Austin rolls outside. Austin is up on the apron and hits Angle with a sunset flip (!!!) but Angle is able to keep his balance and punch Austin. Austin slides back out of the ring and goes to grab a steel chair. Regal removes the chair from Austin's hand however. Angle now heads outside but Austin catches Angle with an elbow. Austin goes to piledrive Angle on the exposed concrete floor but Angle reverses with a back body drop onto the concrete floor! Angle rolls Austin back into the ring and hits Austin with knife-edge chops in the corner. Angle bounces off the ropes but Austin is able to catch Angle with a spinebuster. Austin locks a Boston Crab on Angle and Angle is struggling to reach the ropes. As Angle advances to the rope, Austin pulls him away. Angle eventually makes it to the rope. Austin argues with the referee. Austin shoves the ref but the ref shoves back! Angle is back up now and Angle whips Austin into the corner. Angle with 10 punches to Austin. Austin is able to kick Angle away but Angle hits Austin with a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle now has Austin locked up for the multiple german suplexes. Angle with 1 german suplex, then 2 german suplexes. Austin stops the third with a low blow to Angle that the referee doesn't detect. Austin looks for the Stunner on Angle but Angle counters with the Olympic Slam. Austin lands on his feet however. Austin shoves Angle into the ref and the ref is now out of the ring. Austin heads outside for the WWF Championship Title Belt but Regal cuts Austin off. Regal and Austin fight in the middle of the ring and Regal grabs the title from Austin. However, Regal smashes Angle with the WWF Championship Title Belt as Angle is back to his feet! Regal tosses the referee back into the ring but Austin is only able to get a 2 count on Angle! Austin picks Angle back up and is able to hit the Stunner on Angle for the 3 count and the win!
    Winner and New WWF Champion: Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Stone Cold forces Earl Hebner to raise his hand as Austin celebrates in the ring. The title has been brought back to the Alliance.

    End of show.

    I'm open for feedback, comments and suggestions. Until next time..


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