WWF Raw is War Results
    Submitted by JARO on Monday, September 3, 2001 at 11:34 PM EST

    WWF Raw is War, September 3rd, 2001.
    Live from the Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontairo, Canada.
    Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman.

    They show clips from RAW and Smackdown of Austin taking Angle's medals and then tossing them off of a bridge. "What?"

    The RAW theme music plays and the pyros go off.

    They announce Rhyno and Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy and Chris Jericho later this evening and also The Rock vs. Christian for the WCW Championship.

    Keep rollin rollin rollin rollin. Here he comes, on his motorcycle, the WWF and WCW Tag Team Champion, The Undertaker.

    And representing the Alliance, out comes Test.

    The Undertaker vs. Test
    Test and Taker lock horns and Test backs Taker into the corner. Taker and Test lock horns again but Taker shoves Test down. Test is back up and applies a headlock on Taker and then a shoulder knockdown. Test is off the ropes and then Taker with a hip toss and then an arm drag. Test runs into Taker and Taker with a drop toe-hold and then applies an STF on Test. Test is back up and hits Taker with a clothesline. Test with boots to Taker. Test then with shots to the face and a reverse elbow to Taker in the corner. Test whips Taker into the ropes and then hits a sidewalk slam for a 2 count. Test whips Taker off the ropes but Taker hits Test with a shot to the spine. Taker charges at Test but walks into an elbow from Test and then Test goes up top and hits Taker with a flying elbow block for a 2 count. Test with a Russian leg-sweep. Test with another side Russian leg-sweep. Test goes for a third but Taker locks Tes twith an arm bar until Test makes it to the ropes. Test with hard right hand to the Taker and Taker fights back. Test with a shot to the sternum. Test whips Taker into the ropes but Taker with a rolling clothesline. Taker with another clothesline. Taker sets Test up for a Last Ride but Steven Richards runs down and hits the Superkick on Undertaker. The referee calls for the bell.
    Winner via Disqualification: The Undertaker

    Richards talks trash to the Undertaker but Taker pokes him in the eyes and gets back up. Richards runs out of the ring and Taker turns around to walk into a Big Boot from Test. Jim Ross questions if Richards has joined the Alliance.

    Christian talks with an usher in the back saying he knows he'll beat Rock tonight. Two people walk by and see Christian and they say "Oh it's Edge's brother!" These people say they're seated in the front row. They leave and Christian tells the usher to get them out of the front row and put them in the nosebleed section. He says he doesn't need ugly people in the front row when he wins his match because people will be taking lots of pictures. He says that he's proud to be Canadian, but Toronto has a lot of ugly people. Christian gets lots of boos for that and there's no doubt, even in his hometown, he'll be the heel in his match-up with The Rock later on tonight.


    They show a clip of what just happened with Test/Richards/Undertaker. They show Richards running out of the building. Cole asks Richards about what he just did. Richards said Taker was the only person the Right to Censor could never defeat. He says on Smackdown, he will challenge and defeat The Undertaker.

    They show clips from the press conference earlier today where they announced that Wrestlemania 18 would be held at the Skydome, Toronto.

    They show Tajiri talking to Regal in the back. Regal says he feels terrible about what happened with his match with Lance Storm on Smackdown. Regal says you can't trust Torrie Wilson. Regal says if Tajiri finds a partner, he will put them in a match with the Dudleys for the number one contendership for the WWF Tag Team Titles. Tajiri introduces his partner, The Big Show. Big Show talks to Tajiri in Japanese and bows to Tajiri. Regal says that was a really BIG surprise, and then laughs at his own joke as Tajiri and Show leave.

    Austin walks into the Alliance locker room questioning why everyone in Canada keeps saying "Eh!? Eh!? Eh!?". He asks "What?". He gets a huge ovation from the Alliance. Stephanie says Kurt Angle doused milk all over them and disrespected the Alliance on Austin Appreciation night but Austin inspired them by throwing Austin's medals off the bridge on Smackdown. She says it wasn't just inspiring, it was life-altering. Austin says he didn't do that for himself, he did it for each and every member of the Alliance. Austin says he knows he's their hero, but asks them if they've seen Kurt Angle. Stephanie says Angle is probably taking scuba diving lessons in the bottom of the Detroit River. Everyone laughs. Stephanie says she and the Alliance have a huge surprise for Austin later in the night. Austin tells the Alliance he loves them.


    The pyros hit the stage and out come the Dudley Boyz.

    Welllllll...Well it's the Big Show. And out come the team of Tajiri and the Big Show.

    #1 Contendership for the WWF Tag Team Championships: The Dudley Boyz vs. Tajiri and the Big Show
    Tajiri runs to the ring and the Dudleys beat Tajiri down. Show is in now and hits the Dudleys with a double clothesline. Tajiri hits D-Von with a dropkick and then kicks down D-Von into the corner. Tajiri whips D-Von into the other corner and then locks D-Von with the Tarantula. Tajiri with a stiff kick to D-Von but Bubba makes a blind tag and Bubba drops Tajiri across the top rope. Bubba tags D-Von and D-Von tosses Tajiri into the boot of Bubba. Bubba tagged back in and Bubba with an elbow drop to Tajiri for a 2 count. Bubba tags D-Von again and D-Von and Bubba hit Tajiri with a doiuble flapjack. Torrie Wilson runs down to ringside. D-Von goes up top and goes for a splash but misses and Tajiri tags Show. Show knocksdown D-Von and Bubba. Show with a scoop slam to Bubba. Show with a scoop slam to D-Von. Show goes to Chokeslam Bubba but D-Von is back up and D-Von and Bubba double-team Show. Show tags Tajiri and Tajiri goes for the mist in D-Von's eyes but inadvertently sprays Show's face with the mist. Show is sent backwards and knocks Torrie off the apron and Torrie hits the floor. The Dudleys whip Tajiri off the ropes but Tajiri hits D-Von with a handspring elbow. The Dudleys whip Tajiri against the ropes again and this time they nail Tajiri with the 3D for the win.
    Winners: The Dudley Boyz

    Show heads to the back carrying the injured Torrie Wilson whom he injured near the end of the match, leaving the Dudleyz alone with Tajiri. D-Von gets out a table and sets it up in the ring. D-Von hands Tajiri to Bubba and they viciously powerbomb Tajiri through the table. Show runs back down and chases the Dudleys back to the locker rooms.

    Shane and Booker approach Christian who is cleaning the King of the Ring trophy. Shane says Christian has the oppurtunity to get the title off The Rock. Shane says Booker knows The Rock better than anybody. Shane says he and Booker will come down to ringside with Christian and make sure that everything is fair, but Christian has to give Booker a WCW Championship Title Shot on Smackdown. Christian accepts saying he can dig it. Booker says Christian can smell what The Book is cooking. Shane and Booker leave as Christian continues to polish the trophy saying to himself, "Yes! Goldage!"


    They show Chris Kanyon at WWF New York. Heyman asks Kanyon who's better than Kanyon. Kanyon says he's re-named WWF New York to Alliance New York and he says who better to be there on Labour Day to Kanyon. He says he only regrets not being up there in Toronto to give Austin his gift. He says he wants Steve to think who better than Kanyon, no wait, who better than The Alliance, no wait, who better than Austin.

    Austin says Kanyon said some great things. He says Kanyon has a future now that he's under Austin's wing. Steph barges in and says that Austin's surprise is getting closer. Austin asks Steph to knock next time and not just barge in. Steph says Debra and her are so excited. Austin asks if Steph has seen Angle in the hallway. Steph says there is no chance Angle will show up tonight. She says everytime Angle meets Austin he gets beat down. She says if she was Kurt Angle, she wouldn't show up. Austin says he thinks Angle is smart enough to know that he should stay home and not get his ass whipped at this RAW is WAR. Austin says this will be a night for Austin to just kick back.

    With new music, out comes Shawn Stasiak with Stacy Keibler.

    And accompanied by Molly Holly, here comes Spike Dudley.

    Shawn Stasiak vs. Spike Dudley
    Spike and Stasiak lock up and Stasiak tosses Spike down. Stasiak boots Spike down in the corner. Stasiak whips Spike into the corner and then a body slam to Spike. Stasiak with boots to Spike and then whips Spike into the ropes and catches him with a press slam. Stasiak with more boots to Spike and then Stasiak goes for a overhead suplex but Spike counters but Keibler pulls on Spike's leg and Spike goes down. Stasiak picks Spike back but Spike with a right hand to Stasiak and Spike hits Stasiak with the Dudley Dog for the win.
    Winner: Spike Dudley

    Stacy comes in the ring and is shouting at Spike. Stacy slaps Spike but Molly runs in and Stacy goes to slap Molly but Molly counters and whips Stacy into the corner. Molly hits Stacy with her awesome double handspring elbow and Stasiak pulls Stacy out of the ring as Spike and Molly just laugh.

    Edge and Christian are shown in the back and Edge says it would be totally awesome if Christian won the gold tonight. Christian says he needs to win this title alone tonight. Christian gives Edge the King of the Ring trophy back because Christian says since it's Edge's after all and it even has Edge's name on it. Edge thanks Christian. Christian says the title he wins tonight may be a bit more prestigious than Edge's but gold is gold and they'll still be brothers. Christian says it's "goldage" time and he leaves. Edge says alrighty then, and shouts good luck to Christian.

    Saturn is shown talking in the back saying that someone wrote him a 100,000 dollar ransom note for Moppy and he needs help! He is talking to Hurricane Helms and Helms says that they want 100,000 dollars, or 100 grand, and they were in Grand Rapid Michigan last Monday. Helms says that's a coincidence. Helms says it's a mystery, which starts with "M"..and so does Moppy..and so does..MATT HARDY. Helms asks what's up with that. Saturn seems to understand what Helms is saying and leaves. Helms thanks him for coming to him saying he made the right choice. Saturn says "You're welcome!"

    Can you dig it sucka? Booker T and Shane McMahon comes out and Booker T is the ring announcer for this match. Booker T announces that the special ring announcer for the contest is the 5-time WCW Champion, Booker T. Booker then announces that Shane McMahon will be the special timekeeper for this evening. Booker T announces that the challenger is none other than Toronto's own...CHRISTIAN!

    Out comes Christian.

    Booker then announces the "so-called WCW Champion, the man who wishes he was more talented than the Booker man, the sucka who's gonna get his ass kicked all over Toronto..."

    The Rock's music interrupts Booker before he can finish and here comes The Rock.

    WCW Championship: Christian vs. The Rock
    Booker distracts The Rock and Christian attacks Rock form behind and boots Rock until Rock falls under the bottom rope and to the outside. Shane beats down Rock on the outside until Christian comes out and tosses Rock back in the ring. Rock with a clothesline to Christian and Shane distracts Rock long enough to get a cheap shot. But Rock fights back with right hands until Christian knocks him down and back to the outside. Booker drops the Rock sternum first onto the announce table and hits Rock with the WCW Championship. Christian bangs Rock's head off the announce table. The WCW official in the ring is letting all of this slide. Christian tosses Rock back into the ring and Rock fights back with right hands but Christian hits Rock with a modified backbreaker for a 2 count. Christian hangs Rock on the bottom rope and Shane hits Christian with a cheap shot. Christian charges at Rock but walks into more right hands and then a samoan drop from Rock to Christian. Booker slips the WCW Title Belt into the ring and Christian attempts to nail Rock with it but Rock dodges and hits Christian with right hands and then a belly to belly throw. Rock with a DDT and a 2 count. Christian with shots to Rock and then Christian bounces off the ropes and walks into a Spinebuster. Rock locks the Sharpshooter on Christian. Shane pulls the ref out of the ring and Rock heads outside the ring and flattens Shane. Rock heads back in and Christian hits Rock with a reverse DDT but Rock kicks out again. Booker is up on the apron now. Christian goes for an irish whip on Rock but Rock reverses the irish whip and Christian inadvertently knocks Booker off the apron, Christian walks into The Rock Bottom and The Rock with a 3 count for the win.
    Winner and still WCW Champion: The Rock

    The Rock tells Booker to bring it into the ring and Booker comes in but Shane hits Rock from behind. Booker and Shane double-team Rock until the APA chase Shane and Booker out of the ring. The APA continue to chase Shane through the crowd.

    Steph and Debra are shown jumping up and down (Steph jumping up and down was a major "Whoa") screaming that the surprise is here. Debra tells Austin not to come out of his locker room until they tell him too.


    Drowning Pool's "Bodies" plays and here comes Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. Stephanie says everything about Canadians is backwards. They end every statement with a question. She says they say "Stephanie you look ravishing in your new outfit, eh?" She also asks why Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving. She doesn't see any Canadian pilgrims. She says they don't even celebrate it on the right day, or the right month. She also asks why they celebrate Labour Day, everyone knows Canada is the laziest country in the world and America is the hardest working country in the world. Stephanie introduces another hard-working American, the leader of the Alliance, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    Out comes Stone Cold Steve Austin. Steph says this is a proud moment for her, the Alliance and especially Debra. Steph shows Austin the surprise, a brand new truck. They show the truck on the TitanTron and Debra is standing beside it. Debra says she picked out the features just for Austin. Debra points out the paint job and the sound system. She added chrome running-boards for herself so it's easier for her to get in the truck. She says it's a 2 door truck and car steering with power brakes. She shows the 6 foot pick-up part so Austin can carry his beer and dead animals. She says it's a 4x4 off-road for hunting. She asks Austin why doesn't he come back and take his wife for a ride in the pick-up truck because she's very excited.

    Austin and Stephanie head to the back as Debra polishes the truck. Austin makes it to the truck and says the truck is beautiful, he loves it. He says they shouldn't have done this, he's glad they did, but they shouldn't have. He says he loves the aluminum-plated tires and the fine Caribbean leather inside. Austin walks around in the pick-up part of the truck and shouts that he's the king of the world. Suddenly, Angle comes out of nowhere and hits Austin in the back of the head with a pipe. He tosses a cinder block and a chain in the back of the truck. Angle tells Austin they're going for a ride and Angle gets behind the wheel of the truck and drives the truck at about 200 mph out of the arena as Debra and Stephanie take off screaming.


    They show clips of what just happened with Angle attacking Austin and then speeding out of the arena.

    The Team Extreme music plays and out comes Matt Hardy and Lita.

    And representing, the Alliance, out comes Ivory.

    Stand back, there's a hurricane coming through! Here comes her partner, Hurricane Helms.

    Inter-Gender Tag Team Match: Matt Hardy and Lita vs. Ivory and Hurricane Helms
    Hurricane does his little airplane thing in the ring and he and Matt start off the match. Helms with a headlock but Matt reverses into a back body drop but Helms lands on his feet. Matt knocks Helms down and punches him on the mat. Helms sets Matt up on the rope but Matt knocks Helms off the top. Helms tags Ivory. Matt tags Lita. Lita counters a slam from Ivory with a head scissors. Ivory whips Lita into the corner and then a reverse elbow. Ivory with a face buster and then a leg drop for a 2 count. Lita with a takedown to Ivory and Matt and Helms are tagged in. Matt and Helms with right hands. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate but Ivory interferes. Lita takes care of Ivory and Matt hits Helms with a scoop slam. Matt goes up top for a leg drop but Saturn runs down. Saturn asks Matt what the hell he's doing and as Saturn distracts Matt, Helms attacks Matt from behind and hits him with a modified neckbreaker for the win
    Winners: Ivory and Hurricane Helms

    After the match, Saturn comes in the ring. Helms offers his hand to Saturn and as Saturn goes to shake it, Saturn clotheslines Helms and then hits Helms with a belly-to-belly suplex. Ivory drags Helms out of the ring and back to the locker room and Saturn goes ballistic.

    Edge and Christian are shown in the back and Edge tells Christian he's sorry he came up short in his WCW Championship match. Lance comes in and says that Christian keeps Toronto's losing streak alive. Storm says that's funny, just as funny as when Storm beats Edge for the Intercontinental Championship later in the night. Edge says he knows what's funny. That Storm has a personality of a dried-up prune. That Storm is a 30 year old man that's never kissed a girl. Edge says tonight there will be no off-beat shinanigans tonight. Tonight he will straight-up kick Storm's ass. Edge leaves and Storm says we'll see about that. Christian just sits in his chair, looking very angry and depressed.


    They show the Alliance locker room. Steph is talking to the Canadian police about Angle's ambush on Austin and kidnapping. On the TV in the locker room they show where Angle and Austin had headed. Austin's hands and feet are tied with the chains and the cinder block is attached and Austin is blindfolded. Angle takes off the blindfold and Austin sees that he's on a bridge. Angle says Austin threw his medals off a bridge, and now Angle is going to throw Austin off a bridge. Austin screams that he's sorry for throwing Angle's medals off of a bridge. Angle says what. Austin says he's sorry. Angle says what. "Sorry." "What?" "Sorry." "What?" Austin tells Angle that Angle does not want to toss Austin off this bridge and Austin is really sorry. Angle says he's right, he doesn't want to toss Austin off the bridge. Angle says this bridge isn't nearly high enough. Angle puts Austin back in the pick-up truck and they head off to another bridge. They show the Alliance locker room and Steph asks why everyone is just standing there. She screams for the Alliance to go help Austin.


    Lance Storm's music plays and out comes Storm.

    And here comes the hometown boy, the Intercontinental Champion, Edge.

    Intercontinental Championship: Lance Storm vs. Edge
    Storm attacks Edge from behind and then beats Edge down in the corner until Edge reverses and then hits Storm with multiple clotheslines. Storm whips Edge into the ropes but Edge hits Storm with a headscissors. Storm rolls outside. Storm is up on the apron. Edge goes for a superplex to the inside but Storm lands on his head and hits Edge with a enzuguri to the outside. Storm drops Edge across the barricade on the outside and then tosses Edge back inside. Storm with a flying cross-body for a 2 count. Storm with a standing dropkick for another 2 count. Storm whips Edge off the ropes but both men go for a clothesline and knock each other down. Both men are back up and fight with right hands. Edge whips Storm into the ropes and Edge with a shoulder block and then a 2 count. Edge with a reverse suplex for another 2 count. Storm goes for a Superkick but Edge blocks and Edge goes for the Buzzkiller DDT. Storm counters that and hits Edge in the knee and then locks on the Half Crab. Edge goes for the ropes but Storm pulls Edge back to the center of the ring. Edge finally makes it to the ropes. Edge is back up and Storm looks for a roundhouse kick but Edge grabs the foot and rolls-up Storm for the 3 count.
    Winner: Edge

    Storm with a dropkick to the knee of Edge and Storm with boots to Edge. Storm goes outside and gets a chair but Christian runs down and chases Storm away with a steel chair. Christian helps Edge up and then hugs Edge. Christian hands Edge his King of the Ring trophy. Edge holds the trophy but Christian nails Edge with the steel chair! Christian raises up the King of the Ring trophy and then drops it on the sternum of Edge. Christian screams that his recent lack of success is Edge's fault. Christian has the other steel chair now and sets that chair under Edge's head and then slams the other steel chair onto Edge's head delivering a one-man Con-Chair-To which makes a sickening sound as Edge's head is crushed between the two chairs. Christian leaves the ring and his brother motionless.


    They show clips of Christian's attack on Edge.

    Out comes Rob Van Dam. They show the clips from 2 weeks ago on Smackdown when Jeff Hardy Swanton Bombed through the table off the ladder.

    Rhyno is out now, the first man to score a pinfall victory over The Rock since Wrestlemania.

    Their opponents, first, out comes the returning Jeff Hardy.

    5..4..3..2..1.. last but not least, is "Y2J" Chris Jericho.

    Rob Van Dam and Rhyno vs. Jeff Hardy and Chris Jericho
    Jericho and RVD start off. Jericho with a shoulder knockdown to RVD. RVD with a leg sweep but Jericho jumps it and backs RVD into the corner and tags Jeff. RVD with a kick to Jeff and then whips Jeff into the corner. Jeff charges a rolling clothesline from RVD and sets RVD up top. Jeff takes RVD down and then hits the double legdrop to the crotch of RVD. Jeff goes up top and hits RVD with the Swanton Bomb but hurts himself and his injured ribs. Rhyno is illegaly in the ring now and slams Jeff ribs-first across the top rope. RVD tags Rhyno and Rhyno drives his shoulder into Jeff's ribs. Rhyno hits Jeff with a belly-to-belly suplex and sets up Hardy for The Gore. Rhyno goes for The Gore but Jeff moves and Rhyno flies into the post. Jeff tags Jericho. Rhyno tags RVD. Rhyno charges at Jericho but Jericho side-steps and Rhyno flies out of the ring. Jericho knocks RVD down and rolls him up with a 2 count. Jericho locks the Walls of Jericho onto RVD but Rhyno breaks the hold. Jeff knocks Rhyno to the outside and then Jeff springs off of Y2J's back and flies over the top rope and hits a cross-body to Rhyno on the outside. RVD hits Jericho with a heel kick and then rolls Jericho up but Jericho is able to roll over RVD and pin RVD's shoulders to the mat for the win.
    Winners: Jeff Hardy and Chris Jericho

    They show Austin and Angle at a much higher bridge. Austin says he's sorry again. Austin says he'll go back and get Angle's medals, he is so sorry. Angle reminds Austin what it will feel like when he falls off this bridge. Austin says he'll get the medals. Angle says he thinks it's too late. Angle says Austin's life is about to flash before his eyes. Angle asks Austin if he knows what's going to happen next. Austin asks Angle if he's not going to throw him over and Angle says he definitly is. Angle says he's going to give Austin a few minutes to think about what is about to happen. He wants Austin to think about begging, and crying. He says Austin better beg and cry or he'll go over faster than Angle's medals did. It's true. It's true. And the truth will hurt.


    Debra is shown in the ring and she is pleading for Angle to not throw Austin over the bridge. She says Steve hasn't been too nice to Angle by throwing the medals off the bridge, but they can always be replaced and Steve can't. Debra cries that she's begging for Angle to please please not throw him from the bridge.

    Angle demands Austin to beg for him. Austin says he's sorry. Austin says it was a big misunderstanding. Angle says for Austin to keep begging. Austin says he's so sorry. Angle says Austin is pathetic. Austin keeps saying he's sorry. Angle tells Austin to shut up and since he's so pathetic at begging, he wants Austin cry. Austin says he can't cry. Angle demands he cry. Austin makes a lame attempt at crying and says he's such a jackass and he's so sorry. Angle says Austin is really pathetic, but something Angle wants more than his medals, is a return match for the WWF Championship. Austin accepts. Angle wants a date and a place. Austin says name it. Angle says in his hometown of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania at Unforgiven. Angle says "What?" and Austin repeats himself getting very upset and Austin screams to let him go. Angle says he got what he wanted but Austin's still going in the water. Angle tosses Austin into a kiddie pool and Angle begins to sing "Did you ever know that you're my hero." Angle leaves in Austin's new truck as Austin flops around cussing, like a fish out of water.

    End of show.

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