WWF Raw is War Results
    Submitted by Calvin Martin on Monday, July 2, 2001 at 11:03 PM EST

    WWF Raw is War - Monday, July 2, 2001
    Live from Tacoma, Washington
    Announcers: Paul Heyman and Jim Ross

    Vince McMahon comes to the ring. July 22 will mark the day as the signle greatest moment in sports entertainmnet history, as WWF will take on WCW at Invasion. How can you compare WWF and WCW? That's like comparing Washington, DC with the state of Washington. Let's compare Booker T with Steve Austin. Booker T has no integrity. Austin is champion. There is no comparison.

    Kurt Angle comes to the ring. Sir, I'm sorry to interupt. But your words were so moving I just couldn't help myself. I wish everyone had a boss like you. You are right about everything. In addition to lacking integrity, Booker T also lacks intensity and intelligence. Angle shows footage of all the runins that Booker has done thus far. The point is Booker T has made Austin look like a jackass.

    Steve Austin comes to the ring.

    Angle promises to make sure Booker T never attacks Austin or Vince again.

    So all the sudden your the big bodyguard of the WWF? How you gonna stop Booker T from doing a damn thing when my foot is up your ass? The problem is not Booker T. It is Kurt Angle. Me and Vince are a team. We don't need you. We don't want you. I think you are a complete jackass. Vince thinks you are a jackass. Everyone here thinks you are a jackass.

    I'm a hero, not a jackass.

    If the two of you want to fight why don't you just beat the hell out of each other?

    Austin hugs Vince. Austin and Angle engage in a shoving contest.

    Shane McMahon comes out to the top of the stage. We have the WWF champion and an olympic champion competing for hugs? WCW will be the underdogs at Invasion. That's the way we like it. How about we take our best guys and your best guys and put them in the ring at the same time? Tonight, Booker T will defend his WCW title against Buff Bagwell. Linda will be watching the match with her attorneys and if Austin interferes she will be very upset.

    Backstage, the APA discuss how Booker T may have gotten into MSG last week. Bradshaw believes they have a mole in their yard. Bradshaw suggest they go mole hunting.


    Intercontinental Championship
    Undertaker w/ Sara vs Albert

    Albert punches UT in the corner. Belly to back suplex by UT. Clothesline by UT. Bear hug by Albert. Bicycle kick by Albert for a two count. Flying clothesline by UT followed up by a chokeslam. DDP runs into the ring and hits UT in the back with a chair, and then gives him the diamond cutter. Referee calls for the bell. Sara pushes DDP in the back as he was leaving. DDP blocks Sara's punches. Kane comes from behind and attacks DDP. Sara kicks DDP between the legs. Kane throws DDP in the ring. UT nails DDP with punches. Albert runs back in only to be double teamed by Kane and UT. DDP makes his escape.
    Winner by DQ: Albert


    Backstage, Torrie Wilson, wearing a bikini top, asks Fink where Vince's office is at.

    Crash w/ Jacqueline vs Molly Holly w/ Spike Dudley
    Crash trips Molly. Huricanrana by Molly. Rollup by Molly for a two count. Molly chops Crash. Jackie pulls Molly out of the ring. Clothesline by Crash. Suplex by Crash. Jackie enters the ring and puts Molly up top. Jackie tells Crash to take advantage. Jackie nails Crash. Molly comes off the top with the mollygoround for the pin. Jackie attacks Crash some more and leaves.
    Winner: Molly Holly

    Backstage, Vince thinks that Austin and Angle need to get along. Torrie Wilson enters and asks if she and Vince can talk. Vince leaves to talk with Torrie but not before getting a hug from Austin first. Austin and Angle argue that Vince is uncomfortable around Angle. Angle says the reason Vince left was not because he is uncomfortable around him, but he left so he could be alone with Torrie. Austin thinks Angle may be right.


    Backstage, Christian is staring at the KOTR trophy. Edge asks what Christian is doing. Christian says if the KOTR brackets would have been different he probably would have won. Christian leaves with the trophy so he can get it polished.

    Backstage, William Regal tells Tajiri to be ready for the worm from Scotty Too Hotty tonight. The Dudleyz enter and ask why they have to face Jericho. Regal says it was punishment for Jericho. Regal wants them to put Jericho through a table.

    Backstage, Bob Holly tells APA that he is not the stooge. Bob suggests they think about who was not there when they chased Booker T and Shane out of the building.

    Backstage, Torrie Wilson tells Vince she will do anything to get to the top in WWF. Vince asks Torrie how badly she wants to be a WWF superstar. Austin enters and wonders why Vince and Torrie are standing in the shower talking. Austin asks Vince if he is thinking about Invasion. Vince says that's all he's thinking about. Austin leaves to go get them some coffee. Vince tells Torrie they need to find a more private place.


    Scotty Too Hotty vs Tajiri w/ William Regal
    Scotty with an elbow drop. Tajiri kicks Scotty in the face. Tajiri puts on the tarantula. Powerbomb by Scotty. Both men trade slaps to the chest. Superkick by Scotty. Baseball slide dropkick by Scotty. Bulldog by Scotty followed up by Tajiri spitting mist in Scotty's eyes at the last second before the worm. Tajiri kicks Scotty in the face and gets the pin.
    Winner: Tajiri

    Backstage in a mop closet, Vincer kisses Torrie on the neck. Angle enters saying he thought he heard voices in here. Angle asks Torrie if she has ever seen his medals. Torrie says she likes the medals. Torrie leaves followed by Vince who gives Angle a mean look. Angle thinks that Torrie likes him.


    Backstage, Booker T introduces himself to Test. Booker asks Test if he will ever come to WCW. Test says it all depends on the competition and the money. Test also says it may be him one day fighting Booker for the WCW title.

    Handicapped Match
    Dudley Boyz vs Chris Jericho

    Double team on Jericho from the start. Jericho hits Bubba with a spinning heel kick and clotheslines Dvon out of the ring. Bubba clotheslines Jericho. Whassup headbutt on Jericho. Dvon with a rolling shoulder block on Jericho. Dudleyz flapjack Jericho. Jericho bulldogs Dvon. Jericho slams Bubba from the turnbuckles. Jerocho missile dropkicks Bubba off the ring apron. Walls of Jericho on Dvon. Bubba pulls the referee out and attacks Jericho. Bubba puts a table in the ring. Spike runs in and gives Bubba the Dudley Dog onto Dvon. Jericho with a lionsault on Dvon for the pin.
    Winners: Chris Jericho

    Backstage in a bathroom, Vince and Torrie kiss. Torrie asks Vince what kind of cologne he is wearing because it stinks. A toilet flush is heard. Perry Saturn exits out of the stall and stares at Vince and says they are welcome. Vince and Torrie leave.


    Footage is shown of Chris Benoit's surgery. Interesting that they showed Benoit's wife, Nancy aka Woman.

    Lightheavyweight Championship
    Christian w/ Edge vs X-Pac w/ Justin Credible

    Edge carries his trophy to the ring. Clothesline by Christian. Powerslam by Christian for a two count. Spinning heel kick by Xpac. Leg drop by Xpac for a two count. Gutbuster by Christian. Edge knocks Credible off the ring apron. Edge hits Credible with the lightheavyweight title and drops it in the ring. Xpac picks up the title and hits Christian with it for the pin.
    Winner: X-Pac

    Backstage, APA believe test is the stooge. A referee tells them the last time he saw Test he was talking with Booker T. Bradshaw calls for an emergency mole meeting.


    Tazz is shown at WWF New York. Tazz does not appear to be in a good mood.

    Rhyno vs Test
    Clothesline by Rhyno. The APA led WWF wrestlers walk out and surround the ring. Rhyno with a shoulder block. Big boot by Test. Bradshaw clotheslines Test. Rhyno gores Test for the pin. After the match all the WWF wrestlers attack Test.
    Winner: Rhyno


    Intergender Tag Team Match
    Matt Hardy and Lita w/ Jeff Hardy vs Big Show and Trish Stratus

    Show press slams Matt. Trish kicks Matt in the chest. Trish slaps Lita. Show catches Lita coming off the top. Matt dropkicks Show in the knee making Lita fall on top of him. Show trips Lita. Show clotheslines Matt. Show catches Jeff in mid-air coming off the security wall with a clothesline. Trish gets hung up in the ropes. Matt and Lita give Show a double ddt. Lita with the twist of fate on Trish followed up by a top rope moonsault for the pin. Show verbally abuses Trish. Jeff hits Show with a missile dropkick.
    Winners: Matt Hardy and Lita

    Backstage, Vince suggests he and Torrie continue talking after the event because they keep getting interupted. Torrie says she has an idea for a private place that they haven't though of yet.

    Backstage, Shane wishes Buff Bagwell good luck in his match tonight with Booker T. Buff says he does not reply on luck, he relies on skill. Buff says he will become the champion.


    Backstage, APA and the WWF wrestlers are celebrating. Sgt. Slaughter enters and says the mole was not Test.

    Paul Heyman and Jim Ross leave the announce table.

    Shane McMahon comes to the ring. Welcome everyone to WCW. Shane introduces ring announcers Scott Hudson and Arn Anderson, along with ring announcer Stacy Keibler. Arn and Hudson go to the announce table. Keibler introduces WCW referee Nick Patrick.

    William Regal and Tajiri come out to the top of the stage. Regal says he does understand this is a WCW sanctioned match but Shane is not supposed to be there. Regal instructs security to escort Shane out of the arena. Shane says he has no problem with that since the show is about WCW superstars and not him. Shane leaves with security.


    WCW Championship
    Booker T vs Buff Bagwell

    Hudson says Booker is the WCW World and US champion. Match starts off with punches from Buff. Double underhook ddt by Buff for a two count. Sidekick by Booker. Buff drops Booker across the ropes. Buff chokes Booker. Suplex by Buff for a two count. Reverse chin lock by Buff. Dropkick by Booker. Buff chokes Booker on the ropes. Clothesline by Booker. Flying forearm by Booker for a two count. Axe kick by Booker. Steve Austin and Kurt Angle run to the ring and attack Booker. Buff joins in on the attack. Austin throws Booker into the ring steps. Austin, Angle, and Buff kick Booker up the entrance ramp, and eventually to the back.

    Backstage in the laundry room, Vince tells Torrie she is going to be a big WWF superstar. Torrie starts taking off Vince's clothes. Torrie pulls off Vince's pants and underwear, covered up only by his shirt. Torrie tells Vince to close his eyes and turn around. Vince turns around to see Linda McMahon standing there. Torrie is gone. Vince tells Linda this is not what it looks like. Vince asks Linda if she trusts him. Linda walks out.

    Backstage, Austin, Angle, and Buff are still triple teaming Booker T. They throw Booker out into the street. Angle and Austin then attack Buff and throw him out on the street.

    End of show...

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