Through the Mission to Israel, Global Capital Associates weaves together a diverse group of people, exposes them to cutting-edge businesses, historical settings and first-rate events, all while keeping the focus of the trip trained clearly on the support of Israel's people, economy and culture. They do a great service to both Israel and the Mission participants.
John Ashcroft, Former U.S. Attorney General
The Life Sciences Mission to Israel 2004 was a perfectly blended mixture of scientific exchange, spiritual enhancement, gastronomic delights, and unbelievable sightseeing! I only wish I could duplicate the formula on all of my other travels.
Dr. Len Schleifer, President & CEO - Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
The Life Sciences Mission to Israel was eye-opening in several ways -- the strength of Israeli science was highly impressive, the group of individuals making up the mission were interesting and mind-expanding, and the experience of spending time in the Old City of Jerusalem was inspiring.
Dr. Francis Collins, Director - National Human Genome Research Institute
The trip was spiritually, scientifically, and socially sensational. Each day could have been a trip unto itself.
Mark Simon, Managing Director, Head of Biotechnology - Citigroup
The 2004 Life Sciences Mission to Israel imbued each of us with an understanding of the incredible spirit which pervades that vibrant nation. The quality and diversity of cutting edge science is only exceeded by the passionate pursuit of the entrepreneurs who are building the companies. Clearly, innovation is the nation's secret and its catalyst for an extraordinary future.
Frederick Frank, Vice Chairman - Lehman Brothers
The mission exceeded my highest expectations on all fronts - business, spiritual, educational, and fun. The business meetings were well screened and planned and proved to be very worthwhile. Spiritually, it was a very moving and powerful experience�And, one of the most important benefits of the mission, was the opportunity to meet and bond with key technology players and create a unique basis upon which to build long-lasting personal relationships
Lennert J. Leader, President, AOL Time Warner Ventures
The trip was an unbelievable experience for me and my family. It seemed every nano-second was an astounding history lesson. The business and social contacts will be cherished forever.
Brian L. Halla, Chairman, President & CEO, National Semiconductor Corp.
Kudos to the Jerusalem Fund for an eye-opening visit to Israel. I appreciate the serious meetings with the country's top leadership and our visits to the historic sites which resonate in the Judeo-Christian heritage.
Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), Chairwoman, House International Relations Subcommittee on International Operations and Human Rights
The Jerusalem Fund is at the forefront of enhancing the Hispanic-Jewish coalition in the United States. Our communities have much to learn from each other. Thank you for the powerful mission to Israel, a part of this important process.
Henry B. Cisneros, Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; Chairman and CEO of American City Vista
My wife, Teresa Heinz, and I were impressed by the top-quality meetings during our mission with Prime Minister Barak and Jordan's King Abdullah, to say nothing of the spectacular insights into the people and character of Israel it provided.
Senator John Kerry (D-MA),
I am always inspired by the pluck of the Israeli nation. This I saw in abundance when I visited under the auspices of the Jerusalem Fund during the well-orchestrated, impressive and uplifting mission.
Lady Margaret Thatcher,
My wife, children and I have only superlatives for the great time we had in Israel while visiting with the Jerusalem Fund. I did business and made new contacts, we all made new friends and we all came away invigorated.
Barry Sternlicht, Chairman & CEO, Starwood Hotels and Resorts
I could feel the energy of Moses, Jesus and Mohammed coursing through me as I explored Israel with the Jerusalem Fund. It left me on an incomparable spiritual high. Thank you for making it happen!
Kirk Douglas, Oscar Award-winning actor
It's wonderful to know that we need not travel into other galaxies but we can find a jewel of a country, Israel, and meet its dedicated statesmen right here on earth. What a useful lesson the Jerusalem Fund left me as a result of my visit.
William Shatner, Star Trek
Carpe Diem! I seized the moment and took advantage of a marvelous trip to Israel with my parents sponsored by the Jerusalem Fund. Not only was our group high-powered, so were all our meetings. I've never seen a country the way the Jerusalem Fund showed us Israel.
Fran Drescher,
  It's my job to pick winners among emerging growth life science companies. The Life Sciences Mission to Israel 2004 was a winner! My business profited and my soul grew in the process. Splendid.
Michael Vasinkevich, Senior Managing Director - Rodman & Renshaw
  I brought my wife along for an awesome experience in Israel. We didn't worry about security. We met Israel senior leaders and saw the Christian religious sites throughout the land. It was tremendous.
Peter Coors, Chairman of Coors Brewing Company and CEO of Adolph Coors Company