WWF Raw is War Results
    Submitted by Calvin Martin on Monday, July 16, 2001 at 11:06 PM EST

    WWF Raw is War - Monday, July 16, 2001
    Live from Providence, Rhode Island
    Announcers: Michael Cole and Jim Ross

    Raw opens with a live shot of Steve Austin inside the Friendly Tap bar by himself drinking beer.

    Spike Dudley comes to the ring. Sorry folks. I don't wanna take up too much of your time. I know Invasion is on everyone's mind but I need to get something off my chest. Molly, will you please come down here, I got something to tell you.

    Molly Holly comes to the ring.

    Molly, you've heard me say I like you, and I really really like you. Now I know I'm a Dudley, but I think I love you.

    Spike, I think I love you too.

    I've got something for you. Spike hands Molly a rose.

    I have something I would like to give you too. I can't give it to you here though.

    Ladies and gentlemen, thank you and good night. Spike and Molly attempt to leave the ring but Paul Heyman comes down.

    Get Spike a chair. He has a broken leg. Sit down I want to talk with you. I just wanna let you know, before this gets out of hand that you came to me 5 years ago to a business that didn't have small guys. I gave you a job because your brothers loved you and I loved you. It's time for you to come home Spike, come back home to ECW. I'll see you at the ECW offices bright and early tomorrow morning.

    Paul, you know I'm gratefull for everything you've done for me. I've made my decision and I'm staying with Molly.

    That's fine. We can use Molly too. We need a good valet like her. She just needs some liposuction and other things like that.

    Why are you talking about my woman like that? I'm going to kick your ass.

    Bubba and Dvon come to the ring. Bubba says, last time we saw you, you cost us the WWF titles. It's a real shame that your not coming back home to us. Now that your staying in the WWF who's gonna steal all out spotlight?

    Dvon says, if the people wanna talk about Spike and Molly maybe we should give them something to talk about.

    Bubba and Dvon attack Spike while Heyman blocks Molly. Molly low blows heyman and hits Bubba with a chair. Dvon gets the chair from her. Bubba ties Spike up in the ropes. Bubba gives Molly a top rope Bubba bomb through a table while Spike helpfully watches.


    Backstage, Kurt Angle is practicing his lines that he is gonna tell Vince McMahon. Vince enters. Angle says he is there waiting on Vince. Angle tells Vince that Steve Austin is at a bar. Vince wants to know the name of it. Angle tells him it's the Friendly Tap. Vince says he will be back in a few minutes and leaves.

    Faarooq w/ Bradshaw vs Chuck Palumbo
    Top rope lariat by Palumbo for a two count. Bradshaw sends Palumbo into the ring steps. DDT by Palumbo for a two count. O'Haire runs out and distracts Faarooq. Superkick by Palumbo for the pin.
    Winner: Chuck Palumbo

    Backstage, Angle tells Brooklyn Brawler his problems. Raven walks up and can't belive Angle refers to himself as extreme. Raven challenges Angle to a ECW rules match. Angle agrees.


    Mike Awesome w/ Lance Storm vs Edge w/ Christian
    Storm gets on the mic before the match. If I can be serious for a minute. I am out here tonight to issue a challenge. At Invasion, Mike Awesome and I want Edge and Christian. Awesome gets interupted by E & C's music. Christian gets on the mic. Holy jurrasic park. I can't believe we stumbled upon a living breathing reekasaurasrex. Really Christian, which one? If you and your partner Mike so totally not Awesome wanna fight us at Invasion, then you got it. Awesome sends Edge into the ring steps. Edge with a modified bulldog. Buzzkiller by Edge, Storm puts Awesome's foot on the ropes. Edge with a spinning heel kick on Storm. The WCW referee stops the conchairto by E & C. Storm superkicks Edge, Awesome gets the pin.
    Winner: Mike Awesome

    Backstage, Stephanie tells Booker that she and Shane are proud to have him as the US and World champion. Jericho walks up and and start trash talking Stephanie. Booker takes up for Stephanie and challenges Jericho to a match. Jericho agrees if it's for the world title. Booker agrees.


    Backstage, Regal tells Tajiri that tonight he is gonna teach Tazz a lesson in respect. Tajiri says he wants to commentate during the match. Regal agrees.

    Backstage, Stephanie tells Shane and Heyman that she is excited about Booker going to rip off Jericho's head tonight. Booker T, DDP, Dudleyz, and Rhyno is agreed on for the WWF-ECW team at Invasion.

    Vince enters the Friendly Tap bar. Vince tells Austin that he may have put him on the spot this past Thursday at Smackdown but he can't stress how important that is to him that the WWF needs the old Steve Austin to lead the WWF into Invasion this Sunday. No one has ever threatened the WWF like this. Austin doesn't say a word and turns his back on Vince. Vince says he is going back to the arena and hopes he sees Austin there later tonight. As Vince is leaving he asks Debra for help.


    Tazz vs William Regal
    Tajiri joins the announce table. Regal intercepts Tazz from attacking Tajiri. Regal and Tazz trade punches. Knee lift by Regal. Head and arm tazplex. Tajiri enters the ring and takes off his shirt to reveal an ECW shirt. Tazz turns around and Tajiri kicks him in the head. Tajiri puts Tazz in the tarantula with Regal punching away. Tajiri takes off the ECW shirt, spits on it, and throws it down. The referee calls for the bell.
    Winner by DQ: Tazz

    Backstage, DDP tels Rhyno that tonight will be a night to remember. DDP has an unedited VHS tape version of Undertaker and Sara. DDP tells Rhyno to get a few of the boys so they can watch it.


    At the Friendly tap bar, referee Tim White gives Austin a beer and says it's on the house. White tells Austin that he knows he will make the right decision.

    WCW World Championship
    Booker T w/ Shane McMahon vs Chris Jericho

    At the announce table, Ross says Booker is a good WCW champion but he's no Ric Flair. Flying forearm by Jericho. Jericho with a springboard missile dropkick knocks Booker off the ring apron. Jericho drops Booker across the security wall. Jericho with a top rope crossbody for a two count. Side kick by Booker. Chops by Booker. Superkick by Booker for a two count. Flapjack by Booker for a two count. Both men trade punches. Clothesline by Jericho. Jericho hits a missile dropkick for a two count. Nick Patrick starts complaining of a sore shoulder. Jericho with a bulldog. Jericho ducks the axe kick. Jericho puts Booker in the walls of jericho. Booker taps but Nick Patrick complains more of a sore arm. Earl Hebner runs in but gets decked by Shane. Jericho knocks Shane off the ring apron. Booker low blows Jericho. Patrick runs back in to make a fast count for the pin.
    Winner: Booker T


    Backstage, Perry Saturn has decorated his mop. Terri tells Saturn that he shouldn't be at ringside for her match tonight. Heyman walks in and wants to talk with Saturn privately. Terri leaves. Heyman says if they're gonna get all the ECW guys back together it would just not be the same without him. Saturn replies with "sausages". Heyman says he will get back to him. Saturn says "You're welcome".

    ECW Rules (there are no rules)
    Raven vs Kurt Angle

    Match starts off with a spear by Angle. Raven hits Angle in the back with a trash lid. Knee lift by Raven. Raven with a drop toe hold on the trash can for a two count. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Angle. Angle repeatedly clubs Raven in the face. Angle pulls Raven's shirt off and chokes him with it. Angle hits Raven in the head with a sign followed up by a trash can. Olympic slam by Angle. Angle puts Raven in the ankle lock for the submission. After the match Angle continues his assault on Raven. Angle brings a chair in the ring and drives it into Raven's chest. Kanyon runs in and gets decked by the chair. Angle chases Credible and Stasiak away with the chair. Good strong showing by Angle for the WWF. Gotta love an agressive Angle.
    Winner: Kurt Angle


    At the Friendly Tap bar, Austin is shown shooting a game of pool with Debra.

    Hardy Boyz vs Dudley Boyz
    Hardyz double team Bubba. Bubba punches Jeff down in the corner. Bubba with an elbow drop on Jeff for a two count. Bubba kicks Jeff in the tree of woe position. Dudleyz double flapjack Jeff. Dvon with the rolling shoulder block on Jeff. Jeff with a top rope huricanrana on Bubba for a two count. Matt clotheslines Dvon. Matt with a second rope leg drop on Dvon for a two count. Twist of fate on Dvon followed up by the swanton bomb. Bubba pulls Matt off the pin. Jeff dives out of the ring on Bubba. Rob Van Dam runs out and holds Dvon's hands as he sits on Matt for the pin. RVD hits Jeff with the five star frog splash while the Dudleyz held him in position.
    Winner: Dudley Boyz

    Backstage, APA has just seen what happened on the monitor. Vince walks in and tells them he doesn't think Austin is gonna make it tonight. Vince tells APA to round up all the boys so they can have a meeting.


    Backstage, Stephanie, Shane, and Heyman hold a WWF-ECW meeting. Stephanie says this Sunday at Invasion it is up to every one of them to take out the WWF forever. Shane says there is no going back now. Shane hypes all the wrestlers.

    Backstage, Vince holds the WWF meeting. APA say starting tonight they are not taking it any more. Vince says no one in the room has been threated like they have been threatened now. Vince says he was hoping Austin would be there. Undertaker says to hell with all of that. Austin doesn't have the heart to fight for the company that made him? To hell with him. Brooklyn Brawler rolls Freddy Blassie into the room in a wheel chair. Blassie addresses the wrestlers. Now is the time. Stand up and fight!

    At the Friendly Tap bar, Austin is still playing pool. He apparently was looking up at the TV in the room and saw what just happened (the WWF meeting). Austin breaks the pool stick and leaves.


    Trish Stratus vs Terri
    Terri slaps Trish in the face. Trish puts Terri in a giant swing. Terri swings Trish around by her hair. Bulldog by Trish for the pin. After the match Trish tries to take off Terri's top. Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson run in and attack Trish. Lita comes out clotheslines both of them and gives the twist of fate to Stacy.
    Winner: Trish Stratus


    Diamond Dallas Page and Rhyno vs Kane and The Undertaker
    Match starts off with all men brawling. Kane and UT clear the ring. Kane throws Rhyno into the corner. Kane with a running powerslam on Rhyno. Kane with a big boot on Rhyno followed up by a missed leg drop. Kane powerslams Rhyno. UT clotheslines Rhyno followed up by a leg drop for a two count. UT with the tight rope walk on Rhyno. UT with a sidewalk slam on DDP, Rhyno breaks the count. All four going at it now. Dudleyz and Booker T hit the ring. The WWF guys come out. More ECW-WCW guys come out. The ring is filled.

    In the parking lot there is a fight going on too. Austin shows up in his truck and beats the hell out of the ECW guys with his pool stick. Austin walks in the building. Austin takes out some more WCW guys just inside the building. The fight continues in the ring.

    Crowd chants for Austin. Austin's music hits. Austin rushes the ring and starts whipping ass. Austin starts passing out stunners left and right. Kane and Undertaker hit stereo chokeslams.

    Austin, Kane, Undertaker, Angle, and Jericho stand tall in the ring.

    Backstage, Stephanie and Shane tell Freddy Blassie that he and the WWF both have a lot in common - they are both about to die.

    End of show...

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