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Article source: Nintendo Power

This is the fans' chance to complete the circle. The legend of Final Fantasy III is reborn.

Category: RPG
Players: 1 player
Release Date: Nov 14, 2006
Publisher: Square Enix

The only Final Fantasy that was never localized—the third installment of the original series—will finally reach North American shores! Lauded as "legendary" by the Japanese fan base, Final Fantasy III has been reborn, incorporating the latest in portable gaming technology. Using the features of the Nintendo DS to their fullest, Final Fantasy III features graphics that have been reworked and remodeled in 3D, while maintaining the mythical Final Fantasy look and feel.


  • Dynamic job-changing system ensures a virtually infinite variety of team variations
  • Great use of DS touch screen! Explore dungeons, cast spells and battle enemies with the stylus
  • A classic reborn! Dramatic overhaul with 3D graphics brings this classic to brilliant life for today's demanding gamer
  • Support for Nintendo Wi-Fi play!
A chance encounter with a sentient crystal propels Luneth from his peaceful village of Ur in search of three others who share his destiny. Together, the four youthful adventurers must vanquish the darkness that threatens to engulf the world.

Final Fantasy III also incorporates the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service into its gameplay. Gamers can use the Mognet wireless feature to message your friends and unlock hidden items and events. Enlist the aid of allies who provide guidance and assistance in battle.

Everyone 10 and older: Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood, Suggestive Themes.

Fantasy Violence
Mild Blood
Suggestive Themes
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