DsTool is a computer program for the interactive investigation of dynamical systems on computers using unix and the X window system. The aims of the program are described in an article entitled dstool: Computer Assisted Exploration of Dynamical Systems (Notices of the American Mathemtical Society, 39, 303--309, 1992). Originally written at Cornell by Mark Myers, Rick Wicklin and Patrick Worfolk, it has been improved and modified by contributions from Allen Back and the staff of the former Geometry Center at the University of Minneapolis. The program is available for use from the Center for Applied Mathematics at Cornell: ftp://cam.cornell.edu/pub/dstool. There are three versions of the program on the web site: Versions 1, Version 2 and Version tk. Versions 1 and 2 rely upon the xview toolkit for the user interface; Verison tk relies upon tcl/tk. Version 2 uses tcl but does not use tk for its interface. There has been little development of the programs since 1997.  Comments about the program or contributions to the package should be sent to John Guckenheimer at gucken@cam.cornell.edu.

For the analysis of bifurcations of equilibrium points and periodic orbits using continuation methods, the more recent program CONTENT written by Yuri Kuznetsov and Victor Levitin incorporates agorithmic advances that are not included in DsTool.