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Britney Spears Perfume

Britney Spears is a famous young pop star of U.S. She is popular for her melodious voice and attractive personality. Due to extraordinary talent she is liked by every one. Britney became a famous celebrity of the world in a very short time period. Not even this she became a brand ambassador for various companies. Many companies have dedicated their product to Britney spears. It includes dress, watches, accessories and perfumes.

Britney Spears have launched her own perfume series in 2000 in collaboration with Elizabeth Arden. In the beginning it was named as Eddo de Brit. That means Britney water. This scent got popularity in a short time.

Here are given some Britney spears perfume that are easily available in market.

Britney Spears Curious perfume

Curious has been introduced in year 2004 by Britney. It has sensual and romantic fragrance for women.

It has beautiful aroma with white floral as top notes. Middle notes are Louisiana Magnolia in addition with vanilla and musk.


Britney Spears Fantasy Perfumes

Britney spears Fantasy has been designed by house of Giorgio Armani. It is having very sound flowery fragrance. Fantasy got the best perfume award for the women category in 2004. It has been given title “the freshest posy” by a magazine named “Annabelle”. This perfume contains a mixture of fruit jasmine heliotrope and lower notes comprised of vanilla and musk.

Midnight Perfume

After the great success of Fantasy, Britney spears launched its new perfume, named “Midnight Fantasy”. The base notes of midnight are musk and ambergris. Ambergris contains a combination of black current, plum, freesia and orchid notes altogether. One can say it is mixture of fruit and flower scents.


Britney Spears In Control Perfume

Just like curious, Britney spears in control has been also based on vanilla. This time a new combination of crème brulee, loquat fruit, midnight orchid with sandalwood and musk is used in “in control”.

These are the few perfumes launched by Britney Spears. All these are feminine perfumes and are very famous among women. The price of each one is different. However the starting price is $35. One can purchase from retail stores or on line e-shops.

All the perfumes of Britney have got a great popularity just like Britney. The hot and sensual fragrances make it popular among women.

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