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Updates as of 14 November 2004
International Regions
- Slovenia "Ragged Leaf"
- Slovenia "Ragged Leaf" (wind/
  water-proof variant)
- Ukraine "Border Troops Woodland"
- Uzbekistan "Ragged Leaf"
- Iran "Lime 6-Colour Desert"
- Iran "Orange Leaf"
- Iraq "Coastal Defence Force Tan &
  Green Chip"
- Iraq "6-Colour Barb Wire"
- Saudi Arabia "Police Grey DPM"
- Mali "Horizontal Desert Lizard"
- ROK "Swirly Noodle" (Tropical
- ROK "JSDF Leaf"
- Thailand "1980 Para Leaf"
- Spain "Marines Leaf 1990"
- Spain "6-Colour Desert"
- Greek Cyprus "Commando"
- Norway "Airforce Spot"
- East German "Blumentarn/Potato"
- Germany "Wustentarn" Version 2
- Slovakia "Bright Woodland"
- Unknown "Leaf & Vine" Variant
- New Links
- Phillipines "Black Amoeba"
- Phillipines "Leaf & Worms"
- Malaysia "Ragged Brush"
- Malaysia "Bomba"
- Singapore "Vertical Lizard/Bark"
- Mozambique "Kings Guard DPM"
- Burundi "Woodland"
- Bophuthatswana "Grasslands"
- South Africa "Commercial
  Rhodesian Copy"
Camouflage Wanted
- Updated list of camouflage items
  that I am interested in purchasing
  or trading for
- Britain DPM Rainsuit
- France "Mle Generale/ Mle 1958
- Russia "KLMK Black Tundra /
- Afghanistan "Northern Alliance
- China "T/97 Woodland"
- Canada Disruptive Pattern (CADPAT)
  Trials Rainsuit