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News (autumn 2006): Michayah was sent to prison, for assault, robbery and a few other incidents, in early march 2006. He was released in august, but taken into custody a few days later and has now been sentenced to serve more time, due to new acts of violence. This means that "Pentagrammaton", which was partly finished in late 2005/early 2006, will be further delayed and not released until to year of 2007.

Formed anno 1996 by guitarist Michayah, primarily with the mission to promote the religious evangelium of devil worship by means of delivering Black Metal music taken further, both musically and lyrically, than any band from those days had the capacity to go. Stretching the very limits of this art of death, OFERMOD have evolved into a wellspring and mediator of occult knowledge and of the holy
aspiration for Pralaya:


Thus the band no longer term their art Orthodox Black Metal as they did in the 90's, for in order to play Black Metal a band must consist of musicians who are religious devil worshippers. As the majority of the members of OFERMOD are practical occultists, by means of which they aspire to unite with the primal Chaos-God, the Naught that was before the first emanation of even divinity was pressured forth from the Radiant Darkness, it is only fitting that the band have chosen to name their art


In 1997 Michayah, who back then handled all of the instruments in OFERMOD, was joined by vocalist Leviathan, a man with the voice of a god! They entered Necromorbus Studios in January 1998 and recorded a 7" EP entitled "Mystérion Tés Anomias" which was released later that same year in 500 copies through Pounding Metal Productions (who had released among other things the "Havoc" demo by Funeral Mist and a live recording by Malign). The EP was instantly sold out and earned OFERMOD a legendary status as undeniable kings of the underground Black/Death Metal Cult together with the above mentioned MALIGN and FUNERAL MIST. "Mystérion Tés Anomias" was considered as one of the best Black Metal releases ever, and some OFERMOD fanatics have paid several hundred dollars just to get their perverted hands on it! Now, "Mystérion Tés Anomias" has been re-released on MCD through the honoured French cult label Norma Evangelium Diaboli. It contains a remastered version of the two original tracks, "Mystérion Tés Anomias" and "Chained To Redemption", with a more powerful sound than on the EP. It also contains two new tracks, "Khabs Am Pekht" and "Rape the World", recorded in December 2004 at the new and improved Necromorbus Studios, that gave the songs a crushing sound quality, very fitting for the distinguished style of OFERMOD. These new tracks were recorded with the new line-up, which together with Michayah and Leviathan consists of guitarist Atum and bass player Tehôm.

In December 2005 the Holy Union of OFERMOD will once again enter Necromorbus Studios. This time to start the recording process of their long-awaited full length debut: "Pentagrammaton". During 2005 the line-up of the band has increased with one man. The vocals on "Pentagrammaton" will be handled not only by Leviathan, but Moloch as well. Moloch is a spiritual frater on the path of occult science, and is known under another name in the Spanish Black/Death underground cult from where he hails. Originally he was only supposed to do live vocals for OFERMOD, but as the band started rehearsing with him they realised that also he had the voice of a god! So, to make the album stand out even more, the band decided to make use of the godlike abilities of both men for "Pentagrammaton". Some titles that will be included on the album are: "Tiamtu", "Maasseh Nechushtan", "Persisting To Die In Thee", "Unfolding Paradox In Final Redemption", "The Becoming of Pentagrammaton" and "A Likeness To Yah". It will be released by Norma Evangelium Diaboli sometime during the first half of the year 2006. The recording process will be finished in late February 2006. "Pentagrammaton" will mark
the ten year anniversary of