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Gemma Bissix: The villain of the year
Gemma Bissix: The villain of the year

Hollyoaks' Clare: I don't even know who pushed me!

Tuesday 19th June

Hollyoaks baddie Clare gets pushed from a balcony this Friday and ends up seriously ill in hospital - but even Gemma Bissix, the actress who plays her, doesn't know who does it.

She told The Sun: "We filmed it all about two or three weeks ago. It was a lot of fun, absolutely brilliant.

"There are five suspects, but it's funny because I don't know who it'll turn out to be. I was told it was a certain someone, but then another cast member was told someone else.

"The producers must know we gossip to one another, so they're telling us all sorts."

There will be plenty of suspects - including ex fiance Max, who she tried to kill.

Despite her character's evil ways, the actress admits she was shocked when she won the Villain of the Year gong at the recent Soap Awards.

"I still can't really remember the night," Gemma added. "I wasn't drunk - I hadn't had a drop. I was just so nervous.

"I didn't expect to win it in the slightest. To be nominated was a big enough shock, but when they announced my name on the night, I just sat there.

"Everyone around me jumped up, cheering, and had to tell me to go to the stage. I was totally gobsmacked."

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