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F1 2001 Playstation 2 Inteview
Poster: Petri   Category: Interviews   Page: 1 of 1   Rating: (3 votes)

First I would like to thank Pete Smith who made this possible, when we got a change to make this short inteview with one of the producers about EA Sports' upcoming F1 title F1 2001 on Sony Playstation 2.

F1RO: How much graphics is improved since F1 Championship Season 2000?

Pete: Massively, as you can see from the screenshots of the PS2 version we have revamped the graphics engine and the results have even surprised me. To mention a few specifics, the car/helmet environment maps are totally different to last year (Montoyas chrome helmet looks great), we have a new in-cockpit view, the track reflections are totally new (see screenshots), all the tracks have been re-worked and the corners are now much smoother. That is just some of the more obvious ones, bottom line is the game looks like a new game which is exactly what we wanted.

F1RO: What is the best improvement or new feature since F1CS2000 (other than graphics)?

Pete: To pick one single feature/improvement is very hard, but I will pick out the challenges, these are not only great fun, and completely addictive but also teach you some useful skills which you can take directly into the game.

F1RO: Will there be real lighting effects with real shadows?

Pete: This year we have re-written the shadow code and also increased the contrast of lots of the shadows to really make them stand out. This not only looks good, but also helps the feeling of speed. The team have also added a dynamic shadow to the car which will move depending on sun position, this helps the realism and glues the car to the floor - avoiding 'floating car' problems that other games have.

F1RO: There is a lot of other F1 games coming out every year, does it effect anyway to development of your F1 title?

Pete: Absolutely, it means we have to kick ass every year :)

F1RO: What F1 simulation game you think is the best if you count out all EA Sports' titles and why?

Pete: I'll leave that to the PC producer. In regard to the best console F1 game I would go with F1'97 - because I worked on it!

F1RO: Do you follow the real life F1 and if you do what is your favorite driver?

Pete: Yes, Favourite driver at the moment has to be Montoya, he was awesome in Cart and we have still yet to see the best of him in F1.

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