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Women on Top
The ladies from MTV’s PoweR Girls prove there’s no such thing as bad publicity…or bad-looking publicists.

Stuff, 2/11/2005
By Laura Leu

As magazine editors, we rely on publicists to supply us with the information that fills these pages. Usually, they call and say things like, “So-and-so is an expert on postpartum depression, and I think she’d be perfect for Stuff!” Which is why we never answer the phone and make up things instead. But now we’re regretting all those missed calls, because after meeting the girls from Lizzie Grubman Public Relations in the flesh (and we mean flesh), we realized that publicists are hot! These four are so hot, in fact, that MTV is giving them their own reality show, PoweR Girls, which premieres March 10 at 10:30 P.M. Until then, you can sneak a peek at the women right here on these pages, doing what they do best: creating buzz…and tingles in your pants.

Kelly Brady
STUFF: Are you a power girl in the bedroom?
KELLY: I prefer trading off. I don’t like always being the powerful one, because I also like to feel someone else in charge. I’m not shy in the bedroom. I like variety in my life.
Are there any celebrities who make you all googly eyed?
I love Paris Hilton. Lizzie introduced us the night of her album-release party, and then I saw her the next night and was like, “Hi, do you remember me?” She said, “Yes, I told Lizzie how pretty I thought you were,” and we hung out. But then I saw her three times afterward, and she just kind of ignored me.
Speaking of Paris, who else would benefit from a sex-tape scandal, the mother of all publicity stunts?
Hilary Duff. She’s so boring to me. I want her to do something crazy, because they keep saying she’s this big star, but I don’t see it. I see her as a plain Jane with a lot of eye makeup. I think she needs to go out more and wear less clothes.

Millie Monyo
STUFF: Do you use sex appeal to get the job done?
MILLIE: I think it comes into play in just about every job that you can do. You could be working a register at McDonald’s and your sex appeal comes into play.
Quid pro quo: If you give us some juicy celebrity dish, we’ll let you plug one of your clients.
I hear Lindsay Lohan does drugs. I didn’t see her in the bathroom, but it’s been said that she’s in the bathroom with her credit card a lot. Who knows what she’s doing there?
Maybe the tampon machine takes plastic. Anyway, plug away:
WrapCap. It’s a hat with a hole in it that you stick your ponytail through.
Um, it sounds like the perfect fit for Stuff. What kind of guy is your perfect fit?
I look for someone who is going to challenge me. And someone who’s going to make me stop, because I’m always on the go.
Like a traffic cop?
[Laughs] Not that kind of stop—just make me stop all this craziness that goes on in my life.

Ali Zwebe
STUFF: PoweR Girls is described as a cross between Sex and the City and The Apprentice. Will we see a mix of firing and fucking?
ALI: There’s not a lot of firing going on, and the only fucking is done by the editors—we’re fucked over, but not in a sexy way.
That will probably change once they see you in your panties.
If doing this helps me get some editor’s attention, then why not? It’s all about using what you’ve got.
Since you work closely with celebrities, have any of them ever seen what you’ve got?
David Blaine hit on me once. It’s just so random. I ended up sitting next to him on a flight to Vegas. He said he was going there to rehearse standing in a box or something, and he showed me a card trick.
Besides crappy magic, what else can a guy do to turn you on?
A tough-guy accent does it for me. I think a Brooklyn accent is pretty sexy.

Rachel Krupa
STUFF: Do you need to have “hot piece of ass” listed on your résumé to get a job at Lizzie Grubman PR?
RACHEL: No, Lizzie doesn’t hire only hot girls.
OK, name one ugly person who works there.
[Thinks for a second] There isn’t an ugly girl that works there. But we’re all young, talented, bright and know PR very well.
Let’s see how well. If P. Diddy got caught stealing an extra-large, double-ended dildo, what would you tell the press?
There had to be a reason he was stealing a dildo. It was for a role, and he was getting into character. And he wasn’t stealing it—he was going to come back and pay for it.
Not bad. How is a publicist like a lover?
You’re always trying to get intimate with somebody. You want to bring them to bed with you so they begin to trust you.
You bring them to bed?!
[Laughs] Metaphorically!
Bummer. Tell me about your steamiest sexual encounter.
You’re probably not going to believe this, but I’m a virgin.
Sure, we believe you. Why would a publicist lie?

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