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Above: Bid Day 2006

Hello! and welcome to the Beta Epsilon chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta's website.  This website is designed as a tool not only to be used by our members, but also to help inform others about our organization. 

In short, our chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta prides ourselves on our dedication to the Carroll College and Waukesha communities, philanthropy, scholarship, and developing life long bonds of sisterhood.  We are a very fun and active group of girls here on campus as seen by our high rankings in homecoming, yearly philanthropy such as our blood drive, and weekly get-together's to enjoy each others' company. 

We hope this site is very informative; if you have any questions about Alpha Gamma Delta or how to join our organization please don't hesitate to contact us

Alpha Gamma Delta recognizes the value and potential of personal publishing on the internet; however, the Fraternity can accept no responsibility for the contents of those pages. These pages do not in any way constitute official Alpha Gamma Delta content. The views and opinions expressed in the pages below are strictly those of the page authors and comments on the contents of these pages should be directed to the page authors.

The Alpha Gamma Delta - Beta Epsilon Chapter home page is written and edited by students of the Carroll College and they are solely responsible for its editorial policy and content. Carroll College is not liable for debts incurred by the student organization.

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