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Roads - speed limits


All roads are subject to a speed limit which can only be enforced by the Police. The presence of street lights usually means that this is 30 mph unless signs show otherwise. The majority of roads within Bristol are 30 mph.

Speed limits may be introduced by the City Council through the promotion of a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO). However, consent from the Department for Transport (DfT) is needed for some speed limits.

Speed limit signs alone do not necessarily result in lower speeds. To encourage drivers to comply with the speed limit, the physical character of the road may need to be changed in addition to introducing new signs.

Advisory Speed Limits These could be at road works or near a school and are not subject to police enforcement. These signs do not have a red border and do not require a TRO.

Speed Enforcement Cameras Speed enforcement cameras are used at sites with a speed-related accident history. They encourage drivers to obey speed limits and are having a significant effect in reducing accident rates.

Speed Warning and Message Signs
These signs inform drivers that they are travelling at an inappropriate speed. Their use is increasing in Bristol at locations where speed is a concern but where enforcement cameras would not be appropriate.


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