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  • Is this site legal? Don't make me call my lawyer.
    We provide links, nothing is wrong with that.

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  • I want to download an episode or two (or ten), tell me WHERE!
    We do NOT support downloading - do NOT ask us for it, do NOT mention it.

  • The move gets stuck in the middle!! You erroneous bastards!
    Sometimes random errors (usually caused by heavy load on the hosting site may occur while loading a video. This can usually be solved by closing the video and opening it again (preferably out of peak hours).

  • When do you usually update?
    Every day!

  • I want a link for THAT show, what can I do about it?
    Well, you could ask us, but better yet, ask at the forums!

  • How did you choose your slogan?
    I'm glad you askwed! :-) We actually had a lot of rejected slogans before eventually finding the right one.

  • I have found a broken link! Damn you all! emmm... what's next?
    Please let us know, and we will handle it as soon as possible.

  • Hot damn! The movie loads slowly.
    Rush hours, be patient.

  • Can I join you guys? Pretty please with sugar on top?
    For now, you can help us by reporting broken links, giving us ideas for improvement and by adding missing episodes.

  • The site's design, how can I put it softly..? SUCKS - change it, NOW!
    Just kidding - no one has ever said such a thing.

  • Can you add MULTI language support for the site?
    This English is not page for one contemporary interest. Alas! why do we even bother, they can't read the FAQ anyways.

  • UBeR l33t HaxoR n00bie, LOLLAASSDAROFL OMFG00DNess? FTW!!!

  • Hey, the screen is too wide, the movie stretches on it!
    Resize your window, and make it smaller.

  • The question I'm looking for is not here or/and I want to nag you.
    You are welcome to send us an e-mail. We try to answer each and every letter we get.

  • Who designed the website Look and Feel
    NARK, Niraj Paul on nirajpaul@hotmail.co.uk. Very nice work, Highly recommended


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