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Following each decennial Census of the United States, Rhode Island, like most states, must redraw existing congressional and state legislative districts based on the principal of one-person, one-vote.

While the ultimate responsibility for the redrawing process lies with the Rhode Island Legislature, this decade, like in 1990, the Legislature has established a Special Commission on Reapportionment. The Commission is to recommend plans for congressional, senatorial and representative districts for enactment by the 2002 Rhode Island General Assembly.

This website is intended to provide Rhode Island legislators and the general public with information about the redistricting process. Further inquiry can be made through the Commission's office at the following address:

Rhode Island Reapportionment Commission
Room 201, State Capitol
Providence, Rhode Island 02903
(401) 222-2587




This website is being maintained as a public service. The Rhode Island Reapportionment Commission strives to ensure that all information made available to the public through this website is accurate and complete. However, this information should not be relied upon as an official record of any action taken by the Rhode Island Reapportionment Commission. This information is provisional. For matters affecting legal rights, please refer to the printed version of the appropriate official publication.